Anne Goldman

Anne GoldmanAnne Goldman is an international leader in sensory science specializing in the integration of consumer sensory science to the product development process. She is a principal and co-founder in 1986 of ACCE International, Canada’s leading sensory based consumer research company that holds preferred supplier status to several leading food companies. Her professional career has included positions in the food industry as well as research and academic institutes on three continents.

Although the majority of her research output in the past 26 years is proprietary, she has contributed to the growth of knowledge for the application of sensory based consumer methods to the food product development process. In particular, her publications and presentations on ideal scaling methodology, cross cultural research, extended use testing, product quality benchmarking, research techniques to leverage the consumer drivers of product acceptance and proprietary methods used by ACCE International to help clients better understand product failure and success.

She is an advocate of professionalism and proficiency testing schemes for the field of consumer sensory science, supporting ISO 9001 certification at her own company and contributing to several ASTM E-18 Sensory Evaluation Standards and Manuals. Well respected amongst her client base and colleagues in the food industry, her counsel is regularly sought to facilitate and communicate research understanding to cross-functional teams with workshops and individual consulting as these clients adapt to emerging business needs and challenges. She is author and co-author of numerous scientific journal publications and a contributor to Case Studies in Food Product Development, published in 2008.

Throughout her international career Anne has been an active supporter of professional food organizations at the national and section levels. She is a member of the Governing Council of IUFoST, past president of CIFST, past secretary of NZIFST, has chaired the international committees of IFT and CIFST and mentored numerous food industry colleagues around the globe. She is also a past board member of the European Sensory Network, past Chair of ASTM – Committee E-18 on Sensory Evaluation and member of the organising committee of the Pangborn 9 Conference. As chair of IFT’s SED 25th Anniversary Fundraising Committee 1997-1998, her efforts seeded the SED Silver Celebration Fellowship to provide an annual postgraduate scholarship of $5,000 to sensory scientists, several of whom now hold senior positions in the sensory community.

She holds a Masters degree in Food Science from the University of Leeds, is a Fellow of IFT and IFST (UK), a recently elected Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology and a recipient of the David R. Peryam Award from ASTM – Committee E-18 on Sensory Evaluation.

What do you feel you can contribute to the growth and advancement of IFT?
I have the benefit of a diverse career across three continents working in the food industry, research institutes, academia and as a consultant to food industry clients in addition to my working knowledge of IFT and other professional food science organisations across the globe, all of which equips me to be an effective and committed member of IFT’s Board of Directors. I am a strong believer in the power of open communication and collaboration amongst internal and external entities to build successful organisations. IFT has both the strength of an internal group of committed members and groups together with collaborative opportunities from many groups and individuals outside North America and globally to achieve IFT’s strategic plan and goals. I would also bring my unbounded enthusiasm for the future of food science as a profession and my interest in mentoring the next generation of IFT members and leaders to the future growth and advancement of IFT.

What are the three most important strategic issues facing the profession and the industry that align with IFT’s goals and how would you address these as a member of the Board of Directors?

1. Addressing the needs of IFT’s current and prospective members.
IFT must continue to provide learning, networking and leadership development to their current member base so that they are well equipped for their future career development in their respective organizations. Most importantly IFT should play an active role in propagating the next generation of food scientists for management/leadership roles beyond 2040 by introducing initiatives targeted to school age children to showcase food science as a prospective career.  I would encourage initiatives for IFT to lobby the appropriate funding sources so that university programmes for food science are adequately funded to ensure the education of future professionals for a career in food science and technology.

2. Lack of trust for the food science profession amongst consumers. 
The evolving influence of social media brings new challenges to the food science community to bring a more balanced and truthful perspective to our industry and our research. IFT must continue their efforts as an influential advocate and trusted communicator of food science to guide informed understanding amongst consumers in particular their perception that processed foods and emerging technologies applied to food processing put them at risk. I would bring my consumer research expertise as input to the IFT Board to address this issue.

3. Ensuring a safe, adequate and nutritious food supply that meets the dietary needs and food preferences of all individuals for an active and healthy life.
 IFT has the opportunity as a leading individual member food science organisation to collaborate with the food industry, government and other food science organisations around the globe to share their capabilities and work towards meeting this global food science initiative. From my long history of interactions with food scientists and other professional food science organisations around the globe I would contribute my experience to the IFT Board to provide direction to this universal and complex issue.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors and how has your work and volunteer experiences prepared you to be a strategic board member?
I have been a long admirer of the strengths and capabilities of IFT since I joined IFT in 1983. IFT derives its unique strengths from its members who represent all parts of the food science community including industry, academia and government together with a well-managed staff, a large and active volunteer force, an engaged student body and a significant representation of members who reside outside the United States. I would be honoured if the membership of IFT elected me to serve on the Board of Directors to continue and develop the excellent work that IFT accomplishes on behalf of its membership and its role in the global community of food science.

My association with IFT began when I moved to Canada, having previously worked in the UK and New Zealand where I chaired a local section and served as National Secretary of NZIFST. In Canada I chaired the Guelph section of CIFST and served as National President of CIFST 1993-1994. CIFST has maintained a close dialogue with IFT, a relationship that I continued as chair and past chair of CIFST’s International Liaison Committee from 2006 to current. In recognition of my global interests and experience I was appointed a member and chair of IFT’s committees on Global and subsequently Worldwide Interests (2000-2005) and a member of an IFT task force and an advisory panel on worldwide members’ needs and global strategy. In addition to numerous IFT and CIFST presentations I have also been an invited speaker to the annual meetings of NZIFST, AIFST, SAAFoST and PAFT. My experience with professional food science organisations on three continents and my international career in food science resulted in my election to the Governing Council of IUFoST in 2010 and 2012. I also served as Chair of ASTM Committee E-18 Sensory Evaluation 2002-2004 and as a Management Board member of the European Sensory Network 2009-2012. For the past 26 years I have directed Canada’s leading sensory based consumer research company developing supplier relationships with leading food companies and growing the company to over 100 employees and associates worldwide.

My business and professional volunteer leadership roles have given me a sound foundation that I can use in my contributions to the strategic decisions that the IFT Board of Directors is required to make. In particular I feel that my global connections will be a valuable resource to the Board to integrate IFT’s expertise with other professional food associations around the globe to achieve mutual goals for the advancement of food science.

What defines a successful board and how would you contribute?
A successful board is one that represents the diverse parts of the organisation with a group of individuals with differing professional backgrounds and expertise and a comprehensive knowledge and experience of IFT. The board should consider and follow the mission, vision, strategic plan and goals of the organisation in their deliberations whilst being aware at all times of emerging issues that impact the organisation and its members. They must be prepared to deliberate and make any tough decisions that are necessary to maintain the financial and professional health of the organisation. In particular the ideas of the young professionals and student members of IFT should be encouraged and carefully considered.

As a responsible Board member with considerable experience and my belief in IFT I would work to recommend opportunities that IFT can use to advance the science of food. I would commit my time and energy to regular attendance, preparation and contribution for all Board meetings and conference calls.

Formal Education 
M.Sc., 1968, Food Science, University of Leeds, England
B.Sc., 1967, Household Science, Queen Elizabeth College, University of London, England

Career History

  • ACCE International, Mississauga, ON Vice President of Consumer Research, October 1986-Present
  • Med-Check Canada Manager, Sensory Research May 1985-September 1986
  • Department of Consumer Studies, University of Guelph Assistant Professor September 1982-April 1985
  • Henry Telfer Ltd..Division of Unigate PLC, England Product Developer February 1980-August 1981
  • Food Technology Research Centre, Massey University, NZ Food Industry Project Coordinator March 1977-October 1979
  • New Zealand Dairy Research Institute Research Officer December 1972-November 1976
  • Chemistry Division, DSIR, NZ Research Officer December 1970-December 1972
  • Bovril Ltd., England Food Scientist October 1968-October 1970

Leadership Experience

  • Institute of Food Technologists Member, Task Force IFT Governance 1996-1997
  • Institute of Food Technologists Member, Task Force Meeting the needs of members with worldwide interests 2002-2003
  • Institute of Food Technologists Member, Awards Committee 2000-2002
  • Institute of Food Technologists Chair, International Award Jury 2001-2002
  • Institute of Food Technologists Member, Committee on Global Interests 2000-2003
  • Institute of Food Technologists Chair, Committee on Worldwide Interests 2003-2004
  • Institute of Food Technologists Member, Global Strategy Advisory Panel 2008-2009
  • Institute of Food Technologists Chair, Bor S. Luh International Award Jury 2009-2009
  • Institute of Food Technologists Member at large, Sensory Evaluation Division Executive Committee 1995-1996
  • Institute of Food Technologists Chair, SED 25th Anniversary Fundraising Committee 1997-1998
  • Institute of Food Technologists Founding Executive member, Council Rep, Product Development Division 2000-2001
  • Institute of Food Technologists Chair, SED Silver Celebration Fellowship Committee 2002-2005
  • International Union of Food Science & Technology Member, Governing Council 2010-Present
  • International Union of Food Science & Technology Member, Scientific Committee 16th Congress 2011-2012
  • Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology Chair, Guelph Section 1987-1989
  • Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology National President 1993-1994
  • Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology Board of Directors 1992-1995
  • Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology Executive member, Scholarship Trust Fund 1997-2008
  • Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology Chair, International Liaison Committee 2006-2008
  • Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology Member, International Liaison Committee 2004-Present
  • New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology Chair, Manawatu Section 1972-1973
  • New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology National Secretary 1974-1977
  • ASTM Committee E-18 Sensory Evaluation Chair, Subcommittee E18.06 1995-2000
  • ASTM Committee E-18 Sensory Evaluation Main Committee Chair 2002-2004
  • ASTM Committee E-18 Sensory Evaluation Chair, Awards Committee 2005-2008
  • ASTM Committee E-18 Sensory Evaluation Chair, Standing Committee on Subcommittees & Task Groups 2005 Present
  • Pangborn 7 Conference Member, Scientific Committee 2007-2007
  • Pangborn 9 Conference Member, Organising Committee 2011-2011
  • Society of Sensory Professionals Founding Member, Member of inaugural Conference Committee 2007-2008
  • European Sensory Network Member, Management Board 2009-2012

Professional and Community Recognition

  • Institute of Food Technologists Sensory Evaluation Division Award for Outstanding Service June 1998
  • Institute of Food Technologists Elected Fellow July 2010
  • International Academy of Food Science & Technology Elected Fellow August 2012
  • ASTM Committee E-18 Sensory Evaluation Awards of Appreciation April 1997, April 2004
  • ASTM Committee E-18 Sensory Evaluation Award of Merit October 2005
  • ASTM Committee E-18 Sensory Evaluation Honorary David R. Peryam Award April 2012 (recognition of an outstanding professional in the applied sensory science field)
  • Women in Food Industry Management Canada Woman of the Year Award 1995 (for notable business achievements and her contributions to women in the food industry)
  • Institute of Food Science and Technology (UK) Elected Fellow 1994
  • Institute of Food Science and Technology (UK) Chartered Scientist 2004
  • Marketing Research & Intelligence Association Certified Marketing Research Professional CMRP 2003
  • University of Guelph College of Family & Consumer Studies, Annual Teaching Award May 1985