Anne Goldman, M.Sc, CFS

President-Elect Candidate
Current Title:
Vice President Consumer Research
Employer: ACCE International

Why do you want to serve in this role?

I am honored that several esteemed IFT members have encouraged me to stand for the role of IFT President-Elect. Knowing that I have this support I am confident that I can well fulfil the role of President-Elect based on my experience in leadership roles, my working knowledge of the global food science community and my long and active association with IFT. From my IFT volunteer work I have formed a deep appreciation for the tremendous strengths of IFT and its reputation in the global community. As a consumer sensory scientist I am a knowledgeable communicator with all of the functional groups that are represented by the diverse membership within IFT. Using my expertise I would like to be in a leadership position to progress the strategic priorities of IFT to support member advancement and to advocate our profession’s commitment to sound science for the improvement of the global food system.

Please describe how your attributes and experiences have prepared you for board service.

I have the benefit of a diverse career across three continents working in the food industry, research institutes, academia and latterly as a consultant to food industry clients and leading a staff of 70 people.  My working knowledge of IFT gained as a recent Board member and Committee chair as well as leadership positions in other professional food science organisations across the globe have all equipped me to be an effective and committed IFT President-Elect. I would describe myself as an empathetic, thoughtful, respectful leader who is a strong believer in the power of open communication and collaboration amongst internal and external entities to build successful organisations. I would bring my unbounded enthusiasm for the future of food science as a profession and my keen interest in mentoring the next generation of IFT members and leaders for the future growth and advancement of IFT for the benefit of its members.

In reviewing IFT’s Strategic Promises, please describe the challenges and opportunities you believe IFT will face in achieving our mission and vision.

We are living in a time of disruption on many levels from field to fork with the uberisation effect impacting traditional approaches to our lives and conversely a time of exciting prospects for the future of food science. Therefore IFT will need to effectively manage the manpower and financial resources of IFT to fulfil the mission and vision of IFT’s strategic plan to ensure the future growth of our organisation.  The consolidation and downsizing within large food companies that has been offset by the growth of small food entrepreneurs gives IFT opportunities in their strategic role of enabling professional development and information transfer to the IFT membership. The continued challenge of food security gives IFT the opportunity to show leadership and partnership in developing innovative solutions within the global food science community. IFT is also well placed to advocate trusted scientific approaches to addressing questions of mistrust for food science.

Please describe an IFT or other volunteer leadership experience and how it will assist you in serving on the board.

Throughout my career I have been an active volunteer for several professional associations. I served as National Secretary of NZIFST, National President of CIFST and a Governing Council member of IUFoST from 2010-2014. I have chaired the international committees of IFT and CIFST and was an IFT Board Director from 2013-2016 and a founding member of the Product Development Division. I am a past board member of the European Sensory Network, past Chair of ASTM – Committee E-18 on Sensory Evaluation. As chair of IFT’s SED 25th Anniversary Fundraising Committee 1997-1998, my efforts seeded the SED Silver Celebration Fellowship that still provides an annual postgraduate scholarship of $5,000 to sensory scientists, several of whom hold senior positions in the sensory community. From all these experiences I have learned the importance of listening and understanding members’ opinions, setting realistic goals for the organisation and communicating decisions to members in a transparent way.

Please provide a short narrative biography of important career and personal accomplishments.

A graduate of the Universities of London and Leeds I began my professional career in the UK food industry, followed by research positions with DSIR, Fonterra and Massey University in New Zealand and an Assistant Professor at the University of Guelph, Canada. I am most proud of the fact that I have been a principle of ACCE International, a company with 70 employees that I helped found 31 years ago. I have contributed to a better understanding of the value of sensory science with numerous publications and presentations.

I am an IFT Fellow, a Certified Food Scientist and I was honoured with the 2016 Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement Award for my lifelong contribution of actively supporting and advancing the sensory and consumer research field. I am also a Fellow of CIFST, IFST, IAFoST and MRIA and a recipient of the Honorary David R. Peryam Award for applied sensory science.

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