Clifford (CJ) Hoye Jr.

Nominations & Elections Committee Candidate
Current Title:
Principal Development Scientist
Employer: Lamb Weston Inc.

Why do you want to serve in this role?

My career has been greatly accelerated by IFT. IFT jump started my studies at the University of Idaho through scholarships, solidified my interest through the student section at Washington State (Go Cougs!), and strengthened my position through scientific knowledge and networking. Because IFT has given me so much, I would like to continue to give back.

The nomination for this position could not have come at a better time. I am currently transitioning out of my LCIFT Section President responsibilities and I wanted to remain involved in volunteer leadership. I have seen the impact IFT can have and it is exciting to think that I can share my passion by encouraging future leaders to step up into leadership roles and thus continue the momentum behind “advancing the science of food and the people who practice it.”

Please describe how your attributes and experiences have prepared you for board service.

Over the last few years Lamb Weston has allowed me to work in somewhat of a split role focusing on innovation and applied scientific research. The combination of these two disciplines has required me to significantly grow my skills in the following pertinent areas:

  • Building and leveraging relationships within the technical community (within suppliers, universities, technical laboratories, and other companies):
    • This skill of building relationships and strategically leveraging them, will aid the Nominations and Elections Committee in building a robust slate of candidates for election.
  • Scouting new technology and talent:
    • Scouting new technology and talent on a consistent basis has given me some interesting perspective on skills and attributes in people who have the ability to think long term and take some risks. This could be beneficial when working to identify the characteristics of candidates who can potentially lead and set the direction of IFT.

Please provide a short narrative biography of important career and personal accomplishments.

I received my Bachelors’ in Food Science from the University of Idaho and earned my MS in Food Science from Washington State University. My career has included a balance of corporate research and product development. At ConAgra Foods – Lamb Weston, I was responsible for Maillard and graying reaction research as well as retail product development. Leveraging similar applied research strategies, Lamb Weston allowed me to take the next step in my career as the technical lead of a new Long Term Innovation group. Now, I manage the technical development in the Discovery group at Lamb Weston, setting the stage for the next 10+ years. I have served IFT at the section level for 6 years with increasing responsibilities, most recently completing my term as the Lewis & Clark Section President. To help develop and mentor the next generation of food scientists, I also visit the WSU/UI Food Science Club annually.


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