Elizabeth ‘E.B.’ Russell

Board of Directors Candidate
Current Title:
Account Manager
Employer: DuPont
Email: eb_russell@hotmail.com

Why do you want to serve in this role?

Giving is living. For the last 17 years, IFT has given to me throughout my career. I feel at this time in my career it is my turn to give back to it. I believe in being a bridge to connect new professionals, students, retired professionals, emeritus, and all the inbetweens. It is important to me to help IFT continue to in a changing world as well as keeping it on the current path. This next step will allow me to continue to serve and shape IFT through strategic thinking, planning, and forward thinking for the organization on a global scale.

Please describe how your attributes and experiences have prepared you for board service.

I pride myself on having passion for food, for listening and finding solutions. My passion for IFT and its continued success means that the solutions I seek will be for the greater good of the entire organization. Listening has prepared me to take the time to ask tough questions of our members, to understand the WHY, WHAT, and WHEN they want and need. I am open and willing to talk to anyone. My passion helps me to connect with people and find a way to encourage strategic thinking on the broader scale. My international experiences have allowed me to see food across the globe and understand the importance of connecting because of it.

In reviewing IFT’s Strategic Promises, please describe the challenges and opportunities you believe IFT will face in achieving our mission and vision.

There are a lot of challenges and opportunities facing IFT. Career development allowing the food scientists, future and current, to find jobs that ignite their passion and allow them to promote science, technology and the overall application of food is foremost. But IFT is a viable organization with a strong future in our young leadership. As food scientists, we will be responsible for finding food solutions to feed a growing population. This growing population has focal-points that constantly change. From allergies, to GMO focus, to organic focus, to plant based solutions, to insects as primary protein sources, IFT will be the place to connect these focal points and help provide a network – on a global interactive level, an innovation source, and as a scientific advocate. I believe IFT cancreate the solutions, provide the scientific basis and understanding, help innovate and create, fill the pipeline with brilliant minds. IFT is the place for all of this to come together and blossom.

Please describe an IFT or other volunteer leadership experience and how it will assist you in serving on the board.

I think one of the most valuable volunteer experiences I have encountered is understanding volunteers are paid through igniting their passion. Most volunteers do what they do because they believe in the organization and they believe in making a difference. Every action should be treated as important. I have been part of the Division Championship Team for the last few years. This group determines the monetary travel funds for Divisions – no small feat. It’s tough to explain why person A may not be getting all that they want to travel. But I have also learned that IFT members are able to see the bigger picture and can be so giving, once they get the full story/reasoning. Every year, we tried to make sure that we gave something to as many people as we could. Once we explained that reasoning to participants, they understood the bigger picture, they understood we were trying to share the passion. IFT members have a passion to help each other, to help their industry. I think those experiences will help me be a positive, valuable, contributing board member.

Please provide a short narrative biography of important career and personal accomplishments.

I have volunteered at various levels of IFT. I started with volunteering at the section level for St Louis. I worked with the section to build it back to a thriving section. I have participated in almost anything that was requested. Please see below:

Current: 2018 Annual Meeting Scientific Program Advisory Panel (AMSPAP) Chair Elect; Board of Directors Candidate (2018 – 2020); CFS Prep Course Instructor (Food Safety, QA/QC, Food Microbiology)

Past activities: Division Champion Team (2014 – 2017); 2017 Annual Meeting Hot Topics Chair, AMSPAP (Annual Meeting Scientific Program Advisory Panel) participant; Various task force memberships (Strategic Development; Strategic Implementation; Divisions; Sections); Audit Committee; Food Science Ambassador; CFS Prep Course Instructor (Food Safety, Product Development)

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