IFT Washington Office

Although IFT's Washington office is closely tied to the World Headquarters located in Chicago, its location helps IFT play an active role in government policy activities.

Washington staff members represent IFT at public meetings and gather first-hand knowledge of legislative and regulatory activities. The Office also works to:

  • Provide oral and/or written testimony for Congressional hearings
  • Provide public comment on the scientific aspects of food policy and regulation proposals for federal agencies and advisory bodies
  • Nominate experts for federal advisory committees.

The Office draws on the expertise of IFT members in academia, government, and industry to articulate scientific viewpoints and develop recommendations that promote sound public policy rooted in science.

Office of Science, Communications, and Government Relations
Institute of Food Technologists
818 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Suite 850
Washington, D.C., 20006
Phone: 202.466.5980
Fax: 202.466.5988
E-mail: info@ift.org