Craig Sherwin

Craig SherwinDr. Craig Sherwin is a Technology Director at Davisco Foods International, Inc., a cheese and whey protein ingredient company headquartered in Le Sueur, MN. Craig first joined IFT as a freshman in Food Science at North Carolina State University in 1991. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Food Science at the University of Minnesota and has also worked as a post-doc at the University of Wisconsin. From 2003-2013, Dr. Sherwin worked at General Mills, in strategic technology, the Snacks-International Division, and in organizational strategy. His scientific specialties include whey protein chemistry and processing as well as the food applications areas of water chemistry, shelf life, physical states of foods, and product development - particularly dough and snack foods. Other professional interests include knowledge transfer and documentation systems.

IFT has been an important part of Craig’s professional life, and he has sought to volunteer for many different types of experiences. In graduate school, he became a student leader in IFT, including serving as the President of the Student Association in 1997-1998. More recently, he served on the IFT Board of Directors from 2011-2014 and numerous committees and task forces.