Darryl Riley Senior Vice-President Quality, Food Safety and R & D, Hostess Brands

Darryl Riley is the SVP Quality/ Food Safety and R&D for Hostess Brands, LLC and serves on the executive leadership team. He directs strategic planning and risk management for food safety and quality including policy, practices, and procedures. He also is responsible for setting direction and providing metrics for Consumer Affairs. He directs the R&D and Regulatory teams with headcount and budget approvals, innovation, renovation, cost savings productivity, and quality improvements.

Prior to joining Hostess, Darryl served as President, Total Food Safety Management (TFSM LLC). He worked with clients to maximize the compliance of food safety and quality policies, procedures, practices given the adoption of FSMA. He assessed needs, generated options, and provided guidance to implement creative and cost-effective solutions. He worked to eliminate bureaucracy and internal roadblocks.

Previously, as Vice President, R&D, Quality, and Innovation (RDQI) of Kraft Heinz Company (NYSE: KHC), he directed all technical and related business partners within Beverages, Enhancers, and Snack Nuts (Business size $3.8B, RDQI budget $35MM). Darryl’s specific accountabilities were planning, strategic restructuring, and building technical expertise across food scientists, engineers, sensory, packaging technology, quality, and food safety professionals. He exceeded performance delivering sustainable Innovation, $80MM/a, $250MM+ 3 yr. innovation pipeline, successful crisis management, end-to-end (E2E) productivity $50MM/annum (2.5% cost of goods). He spent part of his 20 years at Kraft in R&D, Supply Chain, and Engineering in international roles based in Montreal, Suzuka, Bremen, Banbury, and Munich. Darryl also spent 9 years at the Kellogg Company. He joined in 2004 as Vice President, Snacks Research, Quality, and Technology. He was then promoted in 2007 to Vice President, Global Quality and Technical Operations. He led the strategic transformation of Quality Operations to a scientific risk-based global team. He also led the transformation of Food Safety at Kellogg’s, partnering with the FDA, following the nation-wide Peanut Corporation of America recall. In 2010, he was named Vice President Kellogg North America Research and Technology. In 2012, he was appointed Vice President Research, Quality, and Technology Kellogg International. He successfully led the start-up and commissioning of R&D centers in Brussels, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Darryl is an accomplished global executive leader in profitable, high-growth, and well-established corporations. He served as an IFT Feeding Tomorrow Board of Trustees member from 2015-2017. He is a recipient of the 2008 NELI award and was an active member of Grocery Manufacturers Association’s Science Institute Executive Committee and the Association of Food and Drug Officials. He is also an active member of the Executive Leadership Council and the Alpha Phi Alpha Alumni Chapter. Mr. Riley received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.