EB Russell

Eb Russell

EB Russell has more than 20 years of experience in the food industry.  She’s worked in product development, quality assurance, technical service, and technical sales.  Her work experiences have allowed her to travel internationally and work for several international companies.

Currently EB works for DuPont as an account manager focusing on the baking industry. She has a degree in Bakery Science and a Master’s of Food Science, both from Kansas State University.

EB started volunteering with IFT with the St Louis section.  She has held several positions at the section level from secretary to president.  She has participated in the Division Champion Team, the Audit & Risk Committee, AMSPAP’s Hot Topic Chair, AMSPAP, CFS Prep Course Instructor, Committee on Sections, Division Leader Collaboration Group, Divisions Task Force, Task Force on Strategic Development, Task Force on Strategic Plan Implementation, and currently the Board of Directors.

EB is happy to serve on the board for the IFT members and is excited to help and participate.