Marcia Walker, PhD Vice President Food Safety and R & D, Tofurky

Dr. Marcia Walker joined Tofurky to bring innovation and food safety experience to the fast growing market of plant based product innovation. As a world leader in plant-based foods, Tofurky is facing exponential growth and continues to innovate to meet the demands of the industrial food segment that they have worked to establish for over 20 years.

Marcia has extensive food safety and product development/innovation experience spanning over 20 years and a well-known speaker and expert in product innovation and new technology commercialization.  With experience working for PepsiCo supporting the Naked Emerging Brands innovation team and Starbucks/Evolution Fresh she has been a pioneer in advancing new to the market products, food safety and emerging technologies. Walker helped to pioneer HPP at Fresherized Foods. She oversaw the development and commercialization of avocado, guacamole, fruit, juice and meat items as well as being instrumental in the branding of Wholly Guacamole. Prior, Marcia was at Oregon State University and worked on HPP product development, microbiological validation and sensory analysis. The work was part of a Dept. of Defense grant that included improving combat rations through the use of novel technologies and was critical in the adoption of HPP as a now widely used processing technology.

She was a pioneer in the establishment of the Nonthermal Processing Division of IFT, as well as serving in several leadership roles for them. Marcia assisted in creating the Nonthermal Processing Workshop and Short course and currently has served on the NPD- EFFoST Workshop committee for the past 4 years. Additionally, she has served in many other roles within IFT including regional leadership. Walker received her B.S. in Biology from Gonzaga University, M.S in Food Science and Nutrition from Washington State University and a Ph.D. in Food Science from Oregon State University.