Getting to Know Arti Arora August 2016

Arti Arora

For Arti Arora, IFT has always been a part of her professional life, beginning in her student days when she presented her master’s and PhD research at IFT annual events, participated in College Bowls, and served as student representative to the Great Lakes Section.

“What makes IFT so special is all of those things that draw you in when you’re a student,” recalls Arora, vice-president for scientific and regulatory affairs for Coca-Cola North America. “It feels like family. IFT takes you in when you’re a student, and all these years later you reflect back and realize that it’s [still] such a special organization to you.”

Arora uses her solid foundation in food science in her role at The Coca-Cola Co., which she joined in 2005. “Food science helps you go broad,” she explains, noting that she uses her knowledge of subjects such as chemistry and food safety on a daily basis.

Arora sees immense potential in the next generation of food scientists, and she emphasizes the importance of investing in the talent pool of young scientists. For those reasons, Arora recently became part of Feeding Tomorrow’s Board of Trustees, a role she hopes will allow her to give back to the organization that invested in her 20 years ago when it awarded her a $12,000 Coca-Cola Foundation scholarship.

“IFT has given me so many opportunities to grow and develop as a professional and as a leader, both as a student and young professional and now certainly through the new board appointment as a professional later in my career,” she says. “By investing in a strong pipeline of the next generation of talent, we can ensure strong, good, evidence-based science is happening in our field, and that we’re training people that can communicate effectively about food science and the role of food science in our daily lives.”

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