Getting to Know Rob Porfiri June 2016

Rob Porfiri

Being part of the LEAD 360 program has been one of the highlights of Rob Porfiri’s career. After participating in the program, Porfiri remained involved as a mentor. “To be given the opportunity to assist and help facilitate the group learning and development over the short period of the program was very rewarding and a lot of fun,” he recalls. “It also was such an inspiring process just to be able to meet with the other candidates from all over the world and hear their diverse stories and experiences within the world of food science.”

Porfiri, a product development manager at a privately owned company in Australia, is
currently involved with the New Professionals workgroup finding ways to further build relationships within this sector of IFT. He appreciates how his volunteering has provided opportunities to expand his
professional skills and interests. “These experiences have helped me practice many tangible workplace skills while also further developing my confidence to continue to push outside my personal comfort zone to continue developing,” he says.

In addition, Porfiri finds that working on volunteer efforts helps keep his energy levels high. “My experiences volunteering within IFT have always left me feeling reenergized due to the passion shared from the great people that I get to interact with. So while it’s sometimes tough balancing commitments between work, family, and further study, the interactions and engagements with the IFT networks I have formed are always well worth the time investment,” he explains. “You are always learning and getting to practice something new while hopefully giving something back to the community that has given me so much.”

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