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Obtaining the CFS credential is more than passing an exam—it is a demonstration of your professional commitment to lifelong learning and excelling as a food professional.

If you’re a current food industry professional with a basic science degree, the CFS credential provides the perfect complement to your work experience and helps differentiate you from other job candidates. Attaining the CFS demonstrates to your employer a clear understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of food science and the real-world skills needed for a successful food industry career.

Why else should you become a CFS?

It’s a career advantage.
As you explore job opportunities during the course of your career, your CFS designation will help employers around the world more readily identify you as a knowledgeable professional who can meet their needs and make an important contribution to the organization. In a competitive job market, becoming a CFS gives you an edge.

It demonstrates applied knowledge.
By assessing your practical knowledge and the real-world abilities necessary in the food science profession, the CFS shows that you have the applied skills and knowledge to excel at your job, whether your degree or experience is in food science or in a related science.

It indicates a commitment to lifelong learning.
Staying current on the latest food science developments helps both you and the field evolve. The CFS complements both academic learning and work experience by making continuing education a priority, demonstrating to your employer that you are committed to your profession and to career evolution.

It’s relevant at virtually any stage of your career.

  • If you are a new professional: the CFS will be a critical step to help you: establish a career in food science, take the next step in your professional development, and become more marketable in your career by differentiating yourself among your peers. The CFS allows you to build your academic accomplishments that demonstrate competency learned on the job. It also signifies to your employer you are committed to lifelong learning that will help enhance your contributions to your organization.
  • If you are a seasoned professional, the CFS will complement your work experience and academic accomplishments. It is a way for you to stand out as a professional committed to lifelong learning by staying current on the latest food science advancements, while also being recognized for the valuable contributions you make to today’s sustainable food solutions

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Dr. Hector A Iglesias CFS

Not only does your CFS credential make it is easier to secure a job, once you have your credential, you become a part of a large community that spans around the world.

Dr. Hector A Iglesias CFS
Consultant, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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