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Consumers depend on food scientists to maintain a safe and sufficient food supply. To deliver on this, you need assurance that the professionals you hire and employ are the most qualified and knowledgeable in their field. The Certified Food Scientist (CFS) credential serves as a mark of distinction and credibility for food professionals. Having CFS-certified personnel can set your organization apart and signifies that your team has the talent needed to deliver on consumer demands. And if you’re hiring basic scientists onto your teams, the CFS credential is a great way to identify whether these scientists can apply their knowledge in the food sector.

Start building CFS into your professional development plans and make it a part of your employees’ technical ladders.  Encouraging—and supporting—your workforce to earn their CFS credential ensures your organization has the talent to address today’s global issues. The CFS…

>> Is global

CFS: Map

>> Helps you hire and promote top talent
across all food science roles

CFS Job Functions 


Helps you identify candidates with the necessary competencies to work in your organization.


Ensures your employees are committed to lifelong learning and keep their knowledge and skills current.


Sets your organization apart in the industry by demonstrating that you have certified personnel.

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Linda Perucca

As an employer looking for people ... CFS is a great opportunity to say that from an independent source these people have the capabilities to meet my needs and will be able to perform in that position.

Linda Perucca, CFS
Associate Director, RD&Q Intellectual Property Strategy and Global Training Mondelēz International
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