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Dairy Market News to September 2, 2014   


David Eric Brown

R.A. Chisholm Ltd

Global Dairy & Meat Traders Since 1938





Source: posted September 2, 2014








Source: BBC News posted August 28, 2014



IS RUSSIA TO BACK DOWN ON FOOD BANS? – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter September 2, 2014

Russia may abolish its food embargoes if there is no threat to its national security, according to local sources. Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich is quoted saying the restrictions were only imposed on the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and Norway for 1yr in order to protect national security. “I am not ready to lay out conditions upon which we could abolish the measures adopted, but of course we will study the behavior of our partners,” he said.



NO BIDS AT DAIRY AUCTIONS ONLINE – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter September 2, 2014

A total 447 tonnes of dairy commodities were offered, but nothing sold at today's Netherlands-based Dairy Auctions Online. Whey powder was offered at starting bids of €850/t or less, SMP failed to get offers on €2,100/t, WMP on €2,660/t and butter on €2,750/t.



DAIRY EXPORTS TO BE HEAVILY RESTRICTED – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter September 2, 2014

The Argentinian government is to apply to their dairy sector the same method announced for meat industry: exports of milk will be drastically limited to cause an oversupply in the local market that will help slow the rise in prices. “There is a virtual closure of dairy exports," the industry says. Agusto Costa (Secretary of Commerce) met with the major export industries and told them that milk powder export permissions will not be allowed at prices less than US$4,000/tonne. “If they cannot export above that price, then they must sell on the domestic market,” he said. This amounts to an almost complete shutdown of powdered milk exports, which represent more than half of Argentina's dairy exports. According to information published by Clarin, retail dairy prices increased by 50% last year.


Source: posted September 1, 2014



ITC TO LAUNCH INTO DAIRY – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter September 2, 2014

Indian tobacco-to-hotels conglomerate ITC, aim to become a pan-Indian dairy entity and are planning to set up plants across six states: Bihar (the first plant will be commissioned in Munger this year), Uttar Pradesh (possibly in Saharanpur), Punjab (in Kapurthala), Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The company plan to be making and selling ghee by the end of the year. ITC have been working on their dairy plan for 2yrs. Via their Integrated Rural Development programme, they have access to at least one million cattle, from which it could source milk, across seven states. They have set up 261 cattle development centers and have increased daily cow yields nearly four times to up to 11 liters. ITC's mega move to dairy is part of their strategy to reduce dependence on tobacco. The company's entry into dairy business will make them the third big private-sector company, after Nestlé and Britannia Industries.



GDT - PRICES PLUNGE AGAIN—INDEX DOWN ANOTHER 6% - Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter September 2, 2014

Prices plunged again at today's GDT/Fonterra auction, with the index down another 6%, now down a combined 45% since February. The index has fallen at 13 of the last 14 auctions. The indexed price of WMP was down 4.3% to US$2,670/tonne, SMP was down 9.5% to $2,600, AMF was down 5.8% to $3,360. butter was down 5.6% to $2,753, Cheddar cheese was down 4.9% to $3,275, BMP was down 12.9% to $3,174 and rennet casein was down 14.3% to $8,232/tonne.






29 minutes ago
Preview of coming attractions - our students on the Amazing Race TV show
Greetings- as you may know, the IFTSA president-elect for 204-2015 is a star of this fall's Amazing Race show. Here's an interview with Amy and Maya: I'm going to be cheering them on and hope that their efforts bring more positive attention to food science and the opportunities for young women in the sciences. To my colleagues in Canada and the USA, have a pleasant Labor Day weekend, and to everyone else, enjoy your weekend! Mary Ellen
3 days ago
Update on AF

I hope this email finds you well and you are all enjoying the last few days of summer - well, celebrating the end of winter for you, Martin!

Christie, Christian and I thought we would give you a short update on the numerous activities the Anticipatory Foresights Working Group has been conducting over the summer and the plans over the next couple of months, leading into the November BOD meeting.  Please see our summary below.

For those of you in the US, enjoy your Labor Day holiday weekend!
The Member and Stakeholder Anticipatory Foresight project has ramped up this summer and we are engaging many globally based members in a number of ways. The goals of the initiative are to engage and collect member and stakeholder views on the future of the profession, as well as to provide members with tools and content about the future that they can use in planning within their own organizations. As a result, there are several activities that are ongoing or scheduled that involve IFT members so we thought it was a good time to update you and provide some background on the activities that are underway and planned for the Fall.

Current Activities:

Member/Stakeholder Interviews and Survey. 
These activities are meant to surface the “official future” – the common views of the future of the profession that most IFT members and stakeholders are using to make strategic decisions. They generally surface 5-6 global drivers of change and a few commonly held assumptions about the future of the profession. The project has collected over 125 surveys and interviews to date and we will be taking the next 2-3 weeks to analyze the results.

Weak Signals Report. 
While the “official future” is a good baseline, it typically does not take into account newer emerging trends or alternative outcomes. Weak signals are trends that were missing or not widely represented in the interviews and survey results. These trends have the capacity to grow over the next ten years and shift the expected future in different ways. The Weak Signals Report has been reviewed and edited by the Anticipatory Foresight core team and is in final design for release to the BOD in September.

Implications Wheels. 
The weak signals and the global drivers surfaced in the interviews and surveys describe trends happening right now. To think about the future requires us to forecast how those trends might evolve over time and impact society and the profession. AndSpace (Christian Crews) hosted short Implications Wheels Workshops at the annual meeting, and an online version will be on the IFT website soon to collect more responses. Select external groups are also being tapped to widen the number and scope of the results. 

Upcoming Activities:

Trends and Scenario Workshop, Sept 18, Chicago. 
IFT members will learn about the global drivers and trends and use results of the Implications Wheels to develop alternative scenarios of the future. These scenarios will be built using systems thinking, and the scenarios will live within the 2x2 matrix of scenarios created by the BOD and Staff in March.  These scenarios will serve to enhance and deepen the board scenarios and will reflect the broad input of IFT members. Response from local Chicago Section IFT members has been very strong - over 60 members have accepted the invitation and a wait-list of more than 20 has been created.

BOD Webinar October 15th
Because board members have not participated directly in the Member and Stakeholder Anticipatory Foresight activities, this webinar ahead of the November board meeting will familiarize them with the content generated by the members. That way their perspectives on the future can be included in the scenario planning done at the November board meeting.

Board Update, November 3. 
In addition to the October webinar, an update will be sent as part of the pre-read materials for the November board meeting, and a short review of the major insights from the project will be shared at the meeting and used in the scenario planning session alongside the scenarios developed by the board.
4 days ago
Article of the Week - Product Specifications
This is not exactly an article, but a book chapter. The idea of this week is about material/product specifications and its use in food safety and quality. I think this is a very practical tool to transmit information across the supply chain.

Product Concept Engineering

My question to the community members is how much safety (i.e. CCPs, processing steps) and how much quality (i.e. nutrition, sensory, characteristics) information do you include in your product specifications, and if you know about a standard or template that you consider could be universal.
4 days ago
In conclusion...
I wish the very best to all of you in your careers!  Thank you for your contributions to the June 2014 CFS Prep Course and to its community. I hope you found this a helpful and supportive outlet during the process of preparing to take your CFS Exams.  

A final thank you to all our faculty as well for volunteering their time to instruct their content domains in-person or via webcast, posting in the community, deciphering equations, explaining practice test questions, and always being available for questions.

Please keep in touch as you begin to receive the results from your exams, and feel free to contact me with any questions! My email is

GOOD LUCK with everything, and enjoy the rest of summer!
5 days ago
FPD Leadership Team
This folder contains documents that need to be easily accessible to the Packaging Division Leadership Team.
1 Member
7 days ago
Food technologists Pakistan
This is a group of Pakistani Food Technologists
1 Member
27 days ago
CFS in the Philippines
A pool of certified food scientists based in the Philippines, advancing awareness (in theory and in practice) about the key role of food science and technology to the society.
3 Members
89 days ago
CFS Prep Course June 2014
CFS Prep Course June 2014
8 Members
90 days ago
Nanotechnology Steering Group
Nanotechnology Steering Group
2 Members
147 days ago

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