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Janet wants to discuss "Board of Directors year end debrief".
1 hour ago
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Board of Directors year end debrief
All- it was my intention to send the request for a year- end debrief to the 2013-2014 BOD only- however, I welcome conversations with others who also have input for the OOP discussion about this year.

Thanks again all

1 hour ago
Class Average Update
Here are the current class averages on the practice tests! Good work!

(*Note: Some tests have fewer responses than others affecting the overall average percentages.)

30-Question Pre-Course Test: 68%
50-Question Post-Course Test: 69.1%
Quality Assurance & Control Mini-Test: 74.3%
Food Safety Mini-Test: 72.8%
Please remember that the practice tests are a tool to help guide your studies in preparation for taking the CFS Exam, and the practice test questions are examples of the types of questions you may encounter. 

The course presentations and webcasts were developed to cover the 8 content domains tested on the CFS Exam, and were not developed to provide answers to specific practice test questions or CFS Exam questions.
16 hours ago
Link to Food Microbiology webcast, and more!

Link to recorded webcast: 

Note: You will be asked to enter your name, company (you can enter anything) and email address. This is just a safety page to make sure you are not a computer hacker. Make sure you have the most recent versions of your video player's plugins to view the video. To increase the size of the video, use the "Toggle Full Screen" button in the lower right corner.

If you are having trouble getting the webcast to play or are seeing an orange traffic cone image, make sure you have the most current plugin downloaded for your media player. You may also want to clear your cache and cookies, reopen your browser, and try the link again.

Link to 4-question webcast/speaker evaluation:

Please complete the evaluation and mini-test by the end of the day on Friday, July 25th.

The next webcast is Food Engineering with Philip Sadler, Tuesday July 29th at 12:00 CDT. Register here:  And don't forget our final, 90 minute review webcast next Thursday, July 31st at 12:00 CDT. Register for the review webcast here:

17 hours ago
Shared Box file - updated presentation
In case you missed today's Microbiology webcast our presenter, Willette Crawford, made some updates to the presentation and added some valuable slides (d-value and z-value definitions!).

The updated PDF with the new slides included is available for you to download and print from the shared Box file here:
18 hours ago
Frequently Missed Question - July 22nd
Please remember to leave comments explaining how you reached you answers. After at least three comments, the correct answer is revealed!


You are performing a t-test to understand the texture liking of a new product.  You have collected sensory data from panelists who have scored two different fiber levels (25% and 40% fiber) as to texture liking.  You want to know if the panelists score the texture differently.  In order to use the t-test properly, what conditions MUST be met? 

A) Each sample has n>30.
B) The two products are dependent samples.
C) Assumed that the sensory data is normally distributed.
D) The data measurements can have different interval scales.
1 Comment
19 hours ago
CFS in the Philippines
A pool of certified food scientists based in the Philippines, advancing awareness (in theory and in practice) about the key role of food science and technology to the society.
2 Members
48 days ago
CFS Prep Course June 2014
CFS Prep Course June 2014
87 Members
49 days ago
Nanotechnology Steering Group
Nanotechnology Steering Group
8 Members
106 days ago
Anticipatory Foresight Design Workgroup
Anticipatory Foresight Design Workgroup
16 Members
112 days ago
2014 Lead 360
2014 Lead 360
24 Members
113 days ago

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