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April Student Rep's Corner

Hello AFPD Members,

For April’s student representative’scorner, I would like to keep you updated on what has been going on for the WestCoast in the past couple of months. The 65th Annual PacificFisheries Technologists Conference was held in Monterey, California lastFebruary. Attendance was good this year at over 100 people under the directionof president TC Chadderton and is expected to be even higher next year becausethe proximity will be closer to the Seattle area. Next year the location willbe held at the Oregon State University Seafood Lab in Astoria, Oregon and thepresident will be Dr. Jae Park of the OSU Seafood Lab. I believe that PFT willcontinue a trend of inclusivity and if you are able, I would strongly encourageAFPD members from around the world to attend. This year we had people from NewZealand, Turkey, and China attend the conference and I believe that we willhave more people from different countries and walks of life in the future.

Yesterday was the last day for the 22ndAnnual Surimi School held in Astoria, Oregon. This year we had about 60attendees for the 3-day event with a handful of Oregon State students and on NCState student attending as well. Hopefully in future years we will be able tovideo the lectures, so that more students at campus may take the 3-creditSurimi Seafood Course. This should help connect students to industryprofessionals, as well as provide knowledge in advances in surimi technology.Today is the 14th Annual Surimi Forum, which is a one-day event heldthe day after Surimi School. The Forum is targeted more towards the businessleaders in the industry and is even more highly attended with over 120 people.The surimi industry is looking good in the future with good Total AllowableCatches (TACs) and innovation is high.

Last but not least, I would like tomention the Seafood Products Association (SPA). SPA is a technical tradeorganization that is composed of over 50 member companies with approximately adozen staff. They are an internationally recognized process authority thatholds several workshops each year for their members. Luckily for me, they doallow non-members to attend these workshops if there is room and the Seafood Labhas a very good relationship with the professionals at SPA. Earlier this month,SPA held their annual Salmon School. This workshop is targeted towards teachingindustry professionals about providing high-quality fresh and canned salmon toconsumers, as well as how to catch decomposing product early in the supplychain. Next month, SPA is looking forward to hosting both their Better ProcessControl School and Risk Management of the Supply Chain workshops.

It’s been a very busy past few monthsand it will only become even more hectic as we start sliding into the summermonths and millions of tons of raw product begin showing up at the processingplants. I am looking forward to meeting as many AFPD members as possible at IFTin June, so that I can connect with you and learn about what has been going onaround the country.

16 hours ago
Sensory Achievement Award Recipient Announced!

The chairs of SCSD would like to congratulate Dr. Herbert Stone in being selected as the recipient of this year’s Sensory Achievement Award!

Dr. Stone received his BS and MS from the University of Massachusetts and the PHD from the University of California Davis.  While at Davis he was the first TA for the original class in sensory evaluation and remained closely associated with Rose Marie Pangborn throughout her life.  Dr. Stone continued his studies at the Research Institute at Stanford University, developed the sensory evaluation program and maintained an active research program including the development of the QDA method which was described in Food Technology in 1974. More than 100 publications resulted from this research. Dr. Stone was a co-founder of the Sensory Evaluation Division (SCSD) and served in numerous officer capacities including Chairperson.  In 1974 Dr. Stone co-founded Tragon Corporation which focused on teaching and promoting sensory evaluation to companies worldwide.  He retired from Tragon in 2007 and now serves as a consultant offering training programs in support of sensory programs worldwide.  

He served as an Associate Editor and currently is the Scientific Editor for Sensory and Food Quality Section for the Journal of Food Science.  He is a co-author of the textbook, “Sensory Evaluation Practices” 4th edition, 2012.   He has served on numerous committees for IFT, was a member of the Board in 1994 -1997 and served as President of IFT in 2004-2006.  

He Chairs the Sensory Science Scholarship Fund and the Leadership Advisory Board at the University of California, Davis, and is a member of University of Massachusetts Board.   He is an adjunct Professor at Fuzhou University.

He received the Cal Willey IFT service award, the ASTM E18 David Peryam Sensory Award, and is a Fellow of IFT, IFST (UK), IAFST (IUFoST).

With this much significant contributions to the Sensory Science discipline and continued service for the Sensory discipline, IFT and SCSD, it is without a doubt that his recognition is well deserved!

Congratulations, Dr. Stone!


Sarah, Leah and Soo

1 day ago
SCSD Service Award and Volunteer Award Winners Announced!

Each division of IFT has the opportunity to recognize members whose service exemplifies the spirit and passion of the volunteer community to which we owe our deepest gratitude and success. 

Two awards are given out from our division:

SCSD Service Award – This award honors a member who exemplifies a history of service to our division and to the Sensory and Consumer Sciences field.

SCSD Volunteer Award – This award honors a member who provided exemplary volunteer work to the SCSD this past year. 

The SCSD put a call out to all Division members for nominations.  From these nominations, the awardees were selected by the chairs.

This year’s SCSD Service Award recipient is Dr. Zata Vickers.  Dr. Vickers is a Professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota.  Dr. Vickers has served our division through the years as the Chair of the selection committee of the Silver Anniversary Student Scholarship recipients.  The scholarships are given out to Ph.D. and M.S. students who study in the field of Sensory Science.  Dr. Vickers’ service to the division as well as her dedication to sensory education have made a huge impact on our discipline by fostering the development of young brilliant minds of our next generation.

This year’s SCSD Volunteer Award goes to Mandy Boquin and David Bloom. 

Mandy Boquin is a Sensory and Consumer Scientist for Bush Brothers and Company (Knoxville, TN). Prior to working at BUSH’S ®, Mandy received her Masters from the University of Illinois and completed internships with Kraft Food Ingredients and Nestlé/Gerber. Mandy has been a member of SCSD for 7 years. She was involved as a Student Representative and is currently a member of the Leadership Development team.  Mandy is being recognized for her outstanding leadership as one of the team leads of the Leadership team, in which role she has spearheaded a phenomenal fundraising effort last year and this year.

David Bloom is a third year Ph.D. student in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois.  David has been serving the division in the past two years as a student representative in the Content Team, in which role he has led many divisional activities including the delivery of the town hall webcast. 

Dr. Vickers, Mandy and David will be attending the IFT Annual Meeting in New Orleans, and will receive their award plaques at the SCSD Social Networking Reception on Monday, June 23, 2014, from 7-10 PM at Windsor Court Hotel (  Please be sure to get your tickets ($60/member and $20/student) and join in personally congratulating these outstanding SCSD leaders.

Congratulations again, Dr. Vickers, Mandy and David!



Sarah, Leah and Soo

1 day ago
Free Webcast: Q&A with CFS Holders

I invite you all to watch the following free webcast that was filmed in July 2013 following a previous CFS Prep Course. It is about 60 minutes in length and provides insights from those who have recently taken the CFS exam.  

View the webcast here. 

If you have any questions after viewing the webcast, please contact meat
1 day ago

    Dairy Market News to April 23, 2014     

Dave Brown
R.A. Chisholm Ltd
International Food Merchants Since 1938



Source: April 22, 2014




Source: Cooperatives Working Together April 22, 2014



LOW CHEESE STOCKS MIGHT BOOST PRICES LATER – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter April 23, 2014

March’s Cold Storage report goes a long way to explain why record prices persisted throughout the first quarter and into April. American cheese stocks posted the sharpest decline since February 2008 (-8.7%) and total cheese stocks fell faster (-9.3%) than at any time since November 2001. American cheese inventories grew at their slowest pace during the November to March timeframe (7,750t) since 2011 and total cheese stocks (6,440t) since 2008. The lack of sufficient cheese stocks thus far in the first half of the year means there is a prospect of another price spike, US analysts believe.



DDB CUT BUTTER, SMP PRICES – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter April 23, 2014

The official price for butter was reduced today by €20 to €3,500/tonne, after six weeks of being left unchanged by the Dutch Dairy Board. The official price for SMP (food) is also down, by €50 to €2,810/t. It is now 15% lower than its past-year peaks, and 8% lower than this time last year. The Board left their official prices unchanged for WMP, at €3,410/t; SMP (feed) at €2,390/t and whey powder at €880/t.




Source: American Dairy Products Institute posted April 22, 2014



SHANGHAI DAIRY 'SEEK A LISTING' – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter April 23, 2014

Shanghai Dairy Group, a subsidiary of Bright Foods (Group) Co, are seeking a spin-off listing in the latest round of Shanghai's reform of state-owned enterprises, according to local business news. The report counters a recent rumour that the company will roll their assets into Shanghai Bright Dairy & Food Co Ltd, the public subsidiary of their parent company. As of the end of 2013, Shanghai Dairy Group had 45,000 dairy cows on 24 farms. An expansion programme will see the launch of new farms in Heilongjiang, Anhui, Shandong and Hubei provinces as well as in Chongqing, and raise the number of dairy cows to 100,000 by the end of 2015, the report said.




Source: posted April 23, 2014



MARCH MILK PRODUCTION +3.8% - Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter April 23, 2014

March milk production in Australia was up 3.8%—but this was almost entirely in the 'export states' of Victoria (+5.3%) and Tasmania (+16.6%). March production was down in almost all other states: NSW -4.1%, Qld -5.0% and SA -2.2%. Production was up 0.8% in WA. Year-to-date production for the first 9mths of the 2013-14 milk year was down 1.4%: Vic -0.5%, NSW -5.0%, Qld -5.9%, SA -5.8% and WA -2.9%. Production in Tas was +3.0%.



FONTERRA START UHT CREAM AT WAITOA – Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter April 23, 2014

Fonterra’s $120m UHT milk processing site at Waitoa has produced its first 25,000 Anchor UHT cream packs ready for sale. The plant has taken just 12mths to build, on a greenfield site, and will enable Fonterra to increase UHT production capacity by 100% over the next few years. It will process more than 100m litres of milk a year when all five of its milk processing lines are up and running.




1 day ago
Nanotechnology Steering Group
Nanotechnology Steering Group
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Anticipatory Foresight Design Workgroup
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2014 Lead 360
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