Mukund Karwe 2012 IFT Fellows

Mukund KarweMukund Karwe
, Chair and Professor, Dept. of Food Science, Rutgers University was recognized for his research contributions to food extrusion, hybrid baking, and high pressure processing.

Karwe's research brings together fundamental knowledge of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and mass transfer with specific applications in food processing. His research in mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of single- and twin-screw extruders involved application of finite difference, finite element, and neural networks techniques to simulate fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, cooking reactions, and quality of extruded products. His research group was the first to demonstrate successful application of the laser Doppler anemometry (LDA) technique in extruders to validate the results of numerical simulations and gain better understanding of the fluid flow in extruder channels. His research efforts to date have resulted in 109 publications including refereed journal papers, conference papers, and books. He has been active in an editorial capacity on many scientific publications. He is an active IFT member and has served as Chair of IFT's Committee on Higher Education. He has served as a panel member on USDA's National Integrated Food Safety Initiative, the National Research Initiative for Competitive Grants Program, and the Small Business Innovation Research Program.