Philip G. Crandall 2012 IFT Fellows

Philip Crandall 
Philip G. Crandall
, Professor, Food Science, University of Arkansas, was honored for his significant work in food science and service to IFT. He has made outstanding contributions to food safety and quality through his research programs at the University of Florida and the University of Arkansas.

He has been very effective in widely publishing his research and transferring the technology he has developed. He is currently working with identifying the most significant sources of Listeria monocytogenes contamination and the development and practical application of control measures. At the University of Florida's Citrus Experiment Station, his research group's findings included the economic and environmental benefits of extracting pectin from fresh orange peel as a more economical and more sustainable raw material than the traditional source for pectin. At the University of Arkansas, Crandall's research team developed a novel method to recover pectin from an agricultural waste stream, soybean hulls. He has received U.S. and foreign patents on this product and process. He has delivered more than 30 papers at IFT meetings since 1974, has served as Chair and co-Chair of IFT symposiums and technical sessions, has been a member of many IFT committees, and has served on the Board of Editors of the Journal of Food Science.