The IFT Student Association (IFTSA) has over 2,700 members from around the world. When you join, you become a part of the largest and most important community of students studying food science and technology. Your career and leadership development opportunities are plentiful.

Just to name a few:

  • Eligibility for IFT scholarships
  • Opportunities to compete in competitions, including Product Development, College Bowl, Chapter of the Year, Undergraduate Research, Excellence in Leadership
  • Your choice of the award winning Food Technology magazine or the Journal of Food Science
  • The chance for funding, awards, and honors
  • Opportunities to build your knowledge, experience, and leadership skills
  • Access to the IFT Membership Directory and IFT Community online, with thousands of big names in food science and technology
  • Ways to find a job using IFT resources and contacts, including the IFT online Career Center
  • Serious savings on books, courses, and registration to the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, the world’s largest food industry meeting and trade show
  • Contacts. Peers and leading professionals who know the subject matter and the business of food science and technology


If you’re currently a Student Member of IFT and you're graduating, take advantage of a *free one-year membership from IFT at the time of your graduation. It’s a great way to maintain access to all of the resources IFT can provide you with at this critical point in transitioning from student to new professional.

* This offer is intended for those who are no longer in school, and is not available to students. If, as a graduate, you take advantage o this offer and then return to school at a future date, you will no longer be eligible for Student Membership.

“My favorite thing about IFT is being able to meet students, professors, and industry representatives from all across the country. It gives me a sense of community and has introduced me to people I probably would not have met otherwise.”

Katie Robbins
University of Georgia
Student Members: Graduating Soon?

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