Nominations & Elections

Contact: Jay Gilbert (

This is the official nominations and elections website for IFTSA. All nomination forms must be submitted online by January 22, 2016. This webpage has been set up to communicate the election process and volunteer opportunities more effectively.

Click here to nominate yourself for an IFTSA position. 

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If you are interested in an Elected OR Appointed volunteer position within IFTSA, please fill out the Online Submission Form. Please read the timeline and eligibility requirements below before applying.


  1. A term begins September 1st and ends on August 31st of that academic year.
  2. You must be enrolled full time at a college or university during your term(s).
  3. You must be an IFT student member at the time of the election as well as throughout your tenure.
  4. Elected officers are required to attend the IFT16 and IFT17 (June/July) and IFTSA Mid-Year Meeting (November) during your term(s), any question of your availability during these times should be contemplated.
  5. A nomination form is required to be considered for election and/or appointment.
  6. Area Representatives are automatically nominated to each respective area based on the school the nominee is enrolled in.
  7. If you will be moving to another school before September 1st and still want to be involved, please e-mail Jay Gilbert ( to avoid any problems.

Important Dates (2016):

January 22, 2016 – Nominations due with all supporting documents emailed to

February  15, 2016 – Election voting launches

March  15, 2016 – Election voting closes

Spring 2016 - Student Association Appointments made by the IFTSA Office of the President