Kansas State University Eligible Degree and Option: B.S. Food Science and Industry

Location: Manhattan, Kansas 66506-0201

Website: http://foodsci.k-state.edu

Contact: foodsci@k-state.edu


Program Description

K-State's nationally recognized undergraduate food science and industry program provides an outstanding educational experience to equip students for challenging and rewarding food science-related careers in industry, academia, and government.  Food Science was recently identified as one of the fastest-growing undergraduate degree programs at K-State and has nearly full employment placement and very competitive salaries for graduates.  Food science has three main options: science, an approved IFT undergraduate program, food business and operations management, and an industry and technology online degree completion program.  The science option emphasizes basic sciences and prepares students for technical jobs, product research and development, as well as graduate school.  Courses provide excellent training in the basic sciences as well as food chemistry, food microbiology, food analysis, food processing, nutrition, food engineering, and product and process development.  The program provides students with valuable career-preparation opportunities and encourages and facilitates student internship placements, international experiences, and undergraduate research opportunities.  Possible careers include food production manager, quality assurance specialist, food safety/ HACCP manager, sales and marketing specialist, technical sales representative, product and process developer, laboratory analyst, product development team member, advertising and communications representative.