Kasetsart University Eligible Degree and Option: B.S. Food Science and Technology

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Website: www.agro.ku.ac.th/#

Contact: www.agro.ku.ac.th/contact.php


Program Description

The Faculty of Agro-Industry at Kasetsart University was established on 23 November 1980, though courses covering aspects of agro-industry had been offered though the Faculty of Agriculture's Department of Food Sciences since 1964.

At the time of the Faculty's establishment, Thailand was undergoing a rapid change from an agricultural-based to a newly industrialized nation. With the growing export of its agricultural produce, there was an urgent need to develop personnel specifically trained in agro-industry and the research and development of agro-industrial products. Kasetsart, one of Thailand's leading universities and the first to offer degree programs in agricultural sciences, gave full support to the Government's Third National Economic and Social Development Plan and set up the Faculty of Agro-Industry at its main campus.

Since then, the Faculty of Agro-Industry has been producing quality graduates each year as well as working with government and private institutes on training and research, to ensure that Thailand's standards of professional and technical knowledge in the field of agro-industry continue to remain high and of international caliber.

Current Developments

The Faculty of Agro-Industry is currently divided into 5 Departments and 2 Divisions. These are:

1. The Division of Agro-Industry Technology Management
2. The Department of Biotechnology
3. The Department of Food Science and Technology
4. The Department of Packaging Technology
5. The Division of Physico-Chemical Processing Technology
6. The Department of Product Development
7. The Department of Textile Science