Oregon State University Eligible Degree: B.S. Food Science and Technology

Location: Corvallis, Oregon 97331-6602

Website: http://oregonstate.edu/foodsci/

Contact: http://oregonstate.edu/foodsci/about-us


Program Description

Options: 1. Food Science; 2. Fermentation Science 3. Enology and Viticulture

The undergraduate program prepares students for a variety of careers in the food industry, and is a national leader in fermentation science education. In addition to a “hands-on” oriented curriculum, undergraduate students benefit from extensive extracurricular learning opportunities. These include participation in activities of the Oregon Section and National IFT and other professional organizations, industry internships, campus-based leadership development, and selective undergraduate research opportunities.

M.S and Ph.D. programs offer research specializations including Food Chemistry and Biochemistry, Food Microbiology, Safety and Biotechnology, Flavor Chemistry and Sensory Science, Food Processing and Engineering, Enology, Brewing Science, Dairy Processing, Seafood Science and Surimi, and Value-Added and Functional Foods. In addition to the main campus (Corvallis, OR) facilities, there are satellite research centers at the Food Innovation Center in Portland and the Oregon Seafood Laboratory in Astoria, Oregon. The latter provide distinctive research opportunities on projects of importance to the seafood industry and extensive contact with entrepreneurship in foods, as researchers work with industry partners to develop and promote Oregon products.