Universiti Sains Malaysia Eligible Degree: Bachelor of Technology (Honours) (Food)

Location: Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Website: http://www.indtech.usm.my/programme/undergraduate/food-technology

Contact: Prof. Dr. Azhar Mat Easa /azhar@usm.my/ dean_ind@usm.my


Program Description

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) was the first University in Malaysia to offer Food Technology Program. The primary goal of the program was to train and nurture undergraduates, and produce competent graduates to serve the food industries and government sectors.

The curriculum emphasizes on the physical and chemical properties of food, food analysis, food microbiology, food safety, food processing and preservation, food packaging, food evaluation and quality management, food product development, legislation, industrial waste treatment, factory sanitation management and Halal management. An internship period of 4 months in approved food industries and a final year project dissertation are also required for graduation.

The courses are spread over four years of study, and the curriculum is structured to enable a logical flow of related core courses while maintaining flexibility for students to study elective or minor courses. The courses are designed to impart knowledge and learning with the intention of providing skillful and knowledgeable graduates to drive the food industries. Some elements within the curriculum were intentionally designed to be in-line with the goal of the University to become a sustainability-led University.