Utah State University Eligible Degree: B.S. Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences; Option: Food Science Emphasis

Location: Logan, Utah 84322-8700

Website: http://ndfs.usu.edu/


Program Description

Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Sciences benefit just about every person, every day. From healthier diets to better tasting foods to better understanding of disease and increased food safety, our department can prepare you for a great career in the "science of food."

In our department, students can learn of the engineering, biology and physical science of food through our Food Science major. Students can also become well-versed in clinical and community nutrition as well as food service management with our Dietetics degree. Our Food Technology Management degree allows students to get a broad background of basic food science while also learning business administration. Lastly, our Nutrition degree explores the molecular and cellular levels of food, allowing students to truly appreciate the building blocks of food.
Whatever interests you about Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science, we can offer you a hands-on learning experience with faculty dedicated to helping teach the next generation.