Zhejiang University Eligible Degree: B.S in Food Science

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang P.R.China

Website: http://fifs.zju.edu.cn/english/content/detail.php?sid=15&cid=638


Program Description

The Department of Food Science and Nutrition of Zhejiang University, formerly the Department of Food Science and Technology, was re-established in 1985. The department has since developed rapidly owing to the sustained endeavor of the teaching and research stuffs and support from the local society and governments. The department was entitled to confer master degrees in agricultural products processing and storage in 1986, became Priority Discipline of Zhejiang province in 1994, entitled to confer doctorial degrees in food science and enlisted in the "211 Project" for key discipline construction in 1996, became Key Discipline of the Ministry of Agriculture in 1999, and entitled to confer doctorial degrees in all branches of food science and engineering, as well as established post-doctorial station in 2003. The department became the Key Department of Zhejiang Province In 2004, and enlisted in the "985 Project" for key department construction in 2005. According to the National Appraisal of First Order Departments conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2003, the overall national ranking of the Food Science and Engineering department in Zhejiang University was 4th, and the teaching and research stuff, as well as scientific research were ranked at 3rd.