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Central Atlantic Area

Representative: Robert Price , North Carolina State University

International: Damla Kaya , Middle East Technical University

Midwest Area

Representative: Jacob Farr, Ohio State University

Mountain West Area

Representative: Emma Sandquist , Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Brigham Young University
Monica Boyer

California Polytechnic State University - Pomona
Lisa Mai

California Polytechnic State University - SLO
Jessica Marer

California State University - Los Angeles
Catalina Guasco

Chapman University
Charles Quinto

Utah State University
Talya Murphy

North Atlantic Area

Representative: Jennifer Komaiko , University of Massachusetts Amherst

Cornell University
Lex (Alexander) Brown

McGill University
Sonia Périllat-Amédée

Pennsylvania State University
Andrew Elder

Rutgers University
Yan Lavinia Wang

University of Connecticut

Deepti Prasad Karumathil

University of Maine 
Kathleen Crosby

University of Massachusetts
Zack Rosenthal

North Central Area

Representative: Hannah Fuller (Hansen), Iowa State University

Pacific West Area

Representative: Evann Dufort, University of California Davis

California State University - Fresno
Brittney Cemo

Oregon State University
Amber Barnard

San Jose State University
Rebecca Ringer

University of British Columbia
Connie Zhang

South Central Area

Representative: Ryan Barnes, Texas A&M University

Kansas State University
Rachel Reichenberger

Monterrey Institute of Technology - Monterrey

Monterrey Institute of Technology - Queretaro

Oklahoma State University
korbin black

Texas A&M University
Madeline Howe

Texas Technical University
Lauren Booker

University of Arkansas
Sarah Mayfield

University of Central Oklahoma
Leslie Blizard

University of Missouri - Columbia
Abigail McNeill

Southeast Area

Representative: Fredreana Hester , Alabama A & M University

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