How to Become an IFT Student Chapter

Chances are the food science club at your college or university is eligible to become an official IFT Student Chapter. Simply ensure that your club meets a few general requirements and the application process is a breeze. As a student chapter, you’ll get to reap a number of first-rate benefits provided by IFT, including access to online resources and exclusive networking opportunities. For chapters outside the continental United States, please contact your local IFT Section or other National Food Science Organization for more information.

Getting Started

Below is a list of requirements that your club must meet in order to be considered for an IFT Student Chapter:

  1. The officers of your Food Science Club are registered Student Members of IFT.
  2. Your club is at least one year old and had at least three announced meetings during that time. 
  3. Your club is recognized as an official campus group at your school. 
  4. At least two members of your faculty are members of IFT and agree to sponsor your petition for chapter status. 
  5. Your club’s by-laws gain approval from IFT’s Committee on Constitution and By-Laws. Click here to view sample by-laws.
  6. Your Food Science Club must put together a petition which includes the following: 
       - The signature of at least one sponsor 
       - The names of the officers and members of the organization 
       - The founding date of the organization 
       - The dates of the last three meetings held 
       - A copy of the by-laws of the organization
  7. Submit your petition to the IFTSA Staff Liaison, Anna Ylijoki (


Making it Official

Once your club has achieved Probationary Student Chapter status with IFT, there are a few steps your club must take to transition to full Chapter Status:

  1. Submit any changes to your club's by-laws, officers, or advisors to Anna Ylijoki (
  2. Within thirty days of your annual elections, your chapter must submit a complete list of new officers to IFT via this form:
  3. Submit a brief list of chapter activities for the year ending, including dates, types of meetings or events, and attendance at each activity to Anna Ylijoki (
  4. Complete an annual report at
  5. Submit an up-to-date copy of your chapter's by-laws for filing at the IFT offices.