Competitions & Awards

IFT Student Association Competitions provide student members of IFT the unique opportunity to compete, individually or on teams. Don't miss out!

Abstract & Paper Competitions

IFT is proud to support division and allied organization competitions at IFT15. Students may submit an abstract in one of the poster, oral or paper competitions. Each division competition will recognize up to six finalists and give one first place award of $1000, one second place award of $750 and one third place award of $500. Below is a list of the participating divisions and allied organizations.


Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS)


1st place, Tushar Gulati

Aquatic Food Products
1st place, Behnam Keshavarz
2nd place, Robert Sevenich
3rd place, Jonelo Sobreguel

1st place, Ebenezer Ifeduba
2nd place, Arranee Chotiko
3rd place,Namrata Karki

1st place, Yingshuang Lu
2nd place, Yan Wang
3rd place, Elaine Fang

Dairy Foods - Oral
1st place, Lily Benner
2nd place, Gopinathan Meletharayil
3rd place, Curtis Park

Dairy Foods - Poster
1st place, Suresh Satariya
2nd place, Bingqing Cai
3rd place, Angie Ameerally

Education, Extension & Outreach - Undergraduate
1st place, John Huynh
2nd place, Joice Pranata
3rd place, Wahyu Choirur Rizky

Education, Extension & Outreach - Graduate
1st place, Cansu Ekin Gumus
2nd place, David Potts
3rd place, Mrittika Bhattacharya

Food Chemistry
1st place, Kang Pan
2nd place, Matthew Allan
3rd place, Ningjian Liang

Food Engineering
1st place, George Stoforos
2nd place, Alexander Meldrum
3rd place, Bangping Wang

Food Microbiology - Oral
1st place, Jinsong Feng
2nd place, Qing Wang
3rd place, Muhammed Shafeekh Muyyarikkandy

Food Microbiology - Poster
1st place, Meera Surendran Nair
2nd place, Katherune Daughtry
3rd place, Deepti Karumathil

Food Packaging
1st place, Maxine Roman
2nd place, Chandani Sen
3rd place, Elham Lashkari


Food Service
1st place, Cecily Dussell
2nd place, Grace Crosby
3rd place, Maria Perez

Fruits & Vegetables
1st place, Karina Rodriguez
2nd place, Wenjie Wang
3rd place, Virginia Gouw

1st place, Trang Duong
2nd place, Sze Ying Leong
3rd place, Yaxi Hu

Muscle Foods
1st place, Xu Wang
2nd place, Charles Quinto
3rd place, Nantawat Tatiyaborworntham

Nonthermal Processing
1st place, Chuhan Liu
2nd place, Shaila Nayak
3rd place, Jose Maldonado

Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods
1st place, Mary Kellett
2nd place, Jinzhou Li
3rd place, Arashdeep Singh

1st place, Stephanie Diamond
2nd place, Duc Huy Do
3rd place, Elizabeth Pletsch

Product Development
1st place, Poonam Bajaj
2nd place, Ting Liu
3rd place, Changmou Xu

Quality Assurance
1st place, Valerie Zaffran
2nd place, Mei-Ling Shotts
3rd place, Ningjian Liang

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
1st place, Alexander Chouljenko
2nd place, Timothy Shafel
3rd place, John Frelka

Sensory & Consumer Science
1st place, Shilpa Samant
2nd place, Kenneth McMahon
3rd place, Kyle McLean

Toxicology & Safety Evaluation
1st place, Shyamali Jayasena
2nd place, Changqi Liu
3rd place, Amma Amponsah

2016 - 2017 Competition Sponsors

Disney Consumer Products
MARS chocolate, north america


Tate and Lyle

Campden BRI


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