Past Division Competition Winners (1990-1999) Division competitions highlight the research of our Graduate Student members. Each year, hundreds of students participate in this highly competitive program. These winners are recognized during the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo.


Biotechnology Division Oral Competition: 1st Place, Young-Jun Choi, McGill U.; 2nd Place, Pervin Basaran, Cornell U.; 3rd Place, P.M. Irwin, Iowa State U.
Poster Competition: 1st Place, Zuoxing Zheng, U. of Massachusetts; 2nd Place, Y. Mao, Purdue U.; 3rd Place, Rocharakl Raksakulthai, U. of California–Davis.)

Carbohydrate Division Competition
1st Place, Yong-Ro Kim, Purdue U.; 2nd Place, Y.Y. Li, Chinese U. of Hong Kong.

Manfred Kroger Dairy Foods Division Competition
1st Place, Bongkosh Vardhanabhuti, North Carolina State U.; 2nd Place, Maurice E. Pitesky, Cal Poly State U.; 3rd Place, Brian W. Barnes, U. of Georgia.

Food Chemistry Division Competition
1st Place, Praphan Pinisirodon, U. of Wisconsin- Madison; 2nd Place, Thomas Niedoborski, U. of Illinois; 3rd Place, Lawrence Tong, U. of Massachusetts.

Food Engineering Division
Winners, Mithukaumar Dhanasekharan, Rutgers U., and Ciara Garbolino, Pennsylvania State U.

Food Laws & Regulations Division Competition
Winner, Diane C. Cabelof, Wayne State U.

Food Microbiology Division
Z. John Ordal Food Microbiology Division Oral Paper Competition: 1st Place, Cecilia A. Golnazarian, U. of Vermont; 2nd Place, Todd M. Silk, U. of Vermont; 3rd Place, Alicia Orta-Ramirez, Michigan State U.
John C. Ayres Food Microbiology Division Poster Competition: 1st Place, Marlene E. Janes, U. of Arkansas; 2nd Place, L. Lotte Dock, Purdue U.; 3rd Place, N. Chikthimmah, Pennsylvania State U.

Fruit & Vegetable Products Division Poster Competition
1st Place, Jose Candace Jackson, Michigan State U.; 2nd Place, Rosa Arias, Rutgers; 3rd Place, Rosa Buesher, U. of Arkansas.

Muscle Foods Division Competition
1st Place, Vineet Singh Gill, Kansas State U.; 2nd Place, Juan C. Ramirez-Suarez, U. of Kentucky; 3rd Place, Shenglan Zhang, U. of California-Davis.

Nutrition Division Competition
1st Place, Martha Verghese, Alabama A&M U.; 2nd Place, Hyung-Sook Kim, Seoul National U., Korea; 3rd Place, David Cai, Purdue U.

Product Development Division Poster Competition
1st place, Margarita M.C. Vieira, U. Catolica Portuguesa; 2nd place, Anu Srireddy, Oklahoma State U.; 3rd place, F. Mancini, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

Seafood Technology Division
1st Place, Diego A. Luzuriaga, U. of Florida; 2nd Place, Margaret A. Schwertner, U. of Washington; 3rd Place, Mark P. Richards, U. of Massachusetts.

Rose Marie Pangborn Sensory Evaluation Division Competition
1st Place, Ann-Marie Allison, Kansas State U.; 2nd Place, Shue Wang, Oregon State U.; 3rd Place, Christina Edwards Van Muijen, Oregon State U. 

Toxicology & Safety Evaluation Division Competition
1st Place, Lingyun Chen, U. of Georgia; 2nd Place, Ipek Goktepe, Louisiana State U.

George F. Stewart International Division Research Paper Competition
1st Place, Aaron F. Gonzalez-Cordova, Centro de Investigacion en Alimentacion y Desarollo, Mexico; 2nd Place, Eun Sun Hwang, Michigan State U.


Undergraduate Research Paper 
1st place: Christina Edwards Van Muijen, Oregon State U.; 2nd place: Kashi Farmer, U. of Tennessee; 3rd place: Lana Wenzel, Colorado State U.

Graduate Research Paper Competition 
1st place: Peter Taormina, U. of Georgia; 2nd place: Ratjika Chanamai, U. of Massachusetts; 3rd Place: Timothy Schnell, U of Nebraska. 

Biotechnology Division Oral Competition 
1st place: Louis C. Fortier, McGill U.

Biotechnology Division Poster Competition
1st place: Zuoxing Zheng, U. of Massachusetts

Dairy Foods Competition 
1st place: Sergio A. Jimenez-Marquez, U. of Laval; 2nd place: Maria V. Tejada-Simon, Michigan State U.; 3rd place: Carolyn F. Ross, U. of Guelph

Food Engineering Division Competition 
1st Place: Hua Zhang, Cornell U.; 2nd Place: Bryan Clark and Lynn Hubbard, North Carolina State U.

Food Microbiology Division Ordal Oral Completion 
1st Place:  Cecilia A. Golnazarian, U. of Vermont; 2nd Place: William K. Shaw Jr. U. of Massachusetts; 3rd Place: Zeliha Yildirim, U. of Arkansas

Food Microbiology Division Ayers Poster Competition 
1st Place: Angela L. Poland, North Carolina State; 2nd Place: Jou-Cheih Kao, Cornell U.; 3rd Place: Yusef Yilmaz U. of Tennessee.

Fruit & Vegetable Products Division Poster Competition 
1st place: Fernando Maul, U. of Florida; 2nd place: Luis Enrique Rodriguez-Saona, Oregon State U.; 3rd Place Jose C. Jackson, Michigan State U.

Muscle Foods Division Competition 
1st Place: Thomas H. Powell, Kansas State U.; 2nd Place: Fur-Chi Chen, Auburn U.; 3rd Place: Susanna Mathew, Clemson U.

Seafood Technology Division Competition 
1st place and Sea Grant Award winner: Carol Dombroski, North Carolina State U; 2nd place: Dina Del Carmen Requena, North Carolina State u.; 3rd place: Shin-Hee Kim, Oregon State U.

Sensory Evaluation Division Pangborn Competition 
1st place: Ann-Marie Allison, Kansas State u.; 2nd place: Louise Campbell, U. of Missouri-Columbia; 3rd place: Mohamed Ahmedna, Louisiana State U.

Chapter of the Year Competition 
1st place: Rutgers U'; 2nd place: U. of Wisconsin -Madison; 3rd Place: North Carolina State U.

Toxicology & Safety Evaluation Division Competition 
1st place: J. Annie Ho, Colorado State U.; 2nd Place: Myriam Leal, U. Autonoma de Queretaro, and Yan Zhang, Iowa State U.


Undergraduate Research Paper Competition 
1st place: Wendy Bennett, Rutgers u.; 2nd Place: Brett Barnet, U. of Alberta; 3rd place: Julie Hassler, Washington State U.

Graduate Research Paper Competition
1st place: Peter Taormina, U. of Georgia; 2nd Place: Ratjika Chanamai, U. of Massachusetts; 3rd Place: Alejandro Mazzotta, Rutgers U.

Biotechnology Division Oral and Poster Competitions
1st Place Oral: Marcio Abdalla Freire Belem, McGill U.; 2nd Place: Gulhan Unlu Yuksel, U of Wisconsin-Madison; 3rd Place: T.T. Wang, McGill U.  1st Place Poster: Li Ma, Purdue U. 2nd Place: Yukuan Chen, Rutgers; 3rd Place: Z. Zheng, U. of Massachusetts

Carbohydrate Division Competition 
Winners: Julie B. Hirsch, Rutgers U., and Chandani  Perera, Memorial U of Newfoundland,

Dairy Foods Division Competition 
1st place: Stacy Kimmel, Indiana U.; 2nd place: Yinqing Ma, Cornell Lf.; 3rd Place: Eilene Bowland, North Carolina State U.

Food Engineering Division Competition 
Winners: Akhilesh Guatam, U. of Alaska, and Ferruh Erdogdu, Univ of Florida. 

Food Microbiology Division Ordal Oral and Ayers Poster Competition 
1st Place Oral: Todd J Pritchard, U. of Vermont; 2nd Place: Adelle Chan, Iowa State U.; 3rd Place: Cheryl Greewalt, Cornell U.  1st Place Poster: Andre Lyver, McGill U.; 2nd Place: Brenda Waite, U. of Nebraska; 3rd Place poster: Douglas Rank, Purdue U. 

Fruit & Vegetable Products Division Poster Competition 
1st Place: Renan Bu-Contreras, Cornell U. Monica M. Guisti, Oregon State; 3rd Place L.L. Dock, Purdue U.

Muscle Foods Division Competition 
Winner: Yih-Chih (Ivy) Hsu, Michigan State U.

Seafood Technology Division Competition 
Winners: Voranuch Suvanich, Mississippi State U. and Diego A. Luzuriaga, U. of Florida.  Sea Grant Award Winner:  Sootawatt Bejakul, Oregon State U.

Sensory Evaluation Division Panborn Competition 
Winner: Grace Brannan, Kansas State U.

Chapter of the Year Competition 
1splace: North Carolina State U.; 2nd place: Rutgers U.; 3rd place: Cornell U

Toxicology & Safety Evaluation Division Competition 
Winners: Jason Hlywka, U. of Nebraska, and Ja-An Annie Ho, Cornell U.


Winner, Poster: Patrick L. Perry, U. of Massachusetts; Winner, Oral: Xianbin F. Nickel, Oregon State U.

Winners: Amy Marie Lammert, U. of Illinois, and Jonathan A. Merkle, U. of Minnesota

Dairy foods 
1st Place: Kyros Demetriades, U. of Massachusetts; 2nd Place: Ajay Rajeshwar Bhaskar, Cornell U; 3rd Place: Yasumi Horimoto, U. of British Columbia

Food Engineering 
Winners: Amy Marie Lammert, U. of Illinois; Jonathan A. Merkle, U. of Minnesota

Food Microbiology 
Z. John Ordal Oral Paper Competition 1st Place: April J. Pontius, North Carolina State U.; 2nd Place: Cecilia A. Golnazarian, U. of Vermont; 3rd Place: Todd M. Silk, U. of Vermont.  John C. Ayres Poster Competition 1st Place: Alejandro S. Mazzotta, Rutgers U.; 2nd Place: Jean L. Schoeni, U. of Wisconsin; 3rd Place: Marlene E. Janes, U. of Arkansas

Fruit & Vegetable Products
 1st Place: Maria M. Giusti-Hundskopf, Oregon State U.; 2nd Place: Lenora Howard, U. of Illinois; 3rd Place: Luis E. Rodriguez, Oregon State U.

Muscle Foods 
1st Place: Sherri L. Kochevar, Colorado State U; Runner Up: Lynn Rose Graves Delmore, Colorado State U; Runner Up: Abbey L. Nutsch, Kansas State U.

1st Place: Peiyin Li, U. of Kentucky; 2nd Place: James Swain, U. of California, Northridge, 3rd Place: Tongtong Song, Iowa State U.

Seafood Technology
 Winners: Dong-min Mu and Liping He, U. of Georgia.   Sea Grant Association Winner: Diego Luzuriaga, U. of Florida

Sensory Evaluation/Pangborn Competition 
Winner: Janelle R. Howe, U. of Missouri

Chapter Competition
 1st Place: North Carolina State U.; 2nd Place: Rutgers U.; 3rd Place: U. of Minnesota

Undergraduate Paper Competition
1st place: Kirby Hayes, Purdue U.; 2nd place: Randy Lee, North Carolina State U.;  3rd place: Matt Asplund, Washington State U.

Graduate paper Competition
 1st Place: April Pontius, North Carolina State U.2nd Place: Tracey Clark, U. of Connecticut; 3rd Place: Yuquian Lou, Ohio State U.


Graduate Research Paper Competition
1st Place: Thomas Shellhammer, U.. of California Davis; 2nd Place: John Kotrola, Auburn U.; 3rd Place: Karen Winkowski, Rutgers U.

Winner, Poster: Fone Mao Wu, Purdue U.; Winner, Oral: C. Handumrongkul, Mississippi State U.

Winners: Elena Vittadini, U. of Massachusetts, and Amy Schubert, U. of Illinois

Dairy technology
1st Place: MaryAnne Drake, Washington State U.; 2nd Place: Deborah Moreau, U. of California Davis; 3rd Place: Ellen Ciplinski, North Carolina State U.

Food Engineering
Winners: Thomas Shellhammer, U. of California-Davis M.A. McCambridge, U. of Georgia 
Food Microbiology
ZJohn Ordal Oral Paper Competition - 1st Place: M.R.S. Clavero, U. of Georgia; 2nd Place: J.D. Schuman, North Carolina State U.; 3rd Place: O.F. Curtis V, U. of Massachusetts.  John C. Ayers Poster Competition 1st Place: Karen Winkowski, Rutgers; 2nd Place: Huiying Hou, Purdue U.; 3rd Place: A.K. Hathcox, U. of Georgia

Fruit & Vegtable Products
Poster Competition 1st Place: Frank McCafferty, Cornell U.; 2nd Place: Wendy Disario, North Carolina State U.; 3rd Place: JoLynne Wightman Oregon State U.

Muscle Foods Competition 
1st Place: Zsuzsanna Balogh, Michigan State U.; 2nd Place: MacDonald Wick, U. of California-Davis; 3rd Place: Robert Delmore, Colorado State U.

1st Place: Shalene Herber, Texas A&M U.; 2nd Place Paul South, Cornell U.; 3rd Place: Cen Zhou, U.. of Kentucky.

Sensory Evaluation
Winner: Louise Campbell U. of Missouri-Columbia

Seafood technology
Winner: Brian Belon, U. of Maine, Margo Peters, Oregon State U.; Mark Richards, U. of Massachusetts, Vasana Weerasinghe, Oregon State U.

Undergraduate Paper Competition 
1st place: Kathryn Deibler, Clemson U.; 2nd place: Laurie O'Neill Colorado State U..; 3rd place: Pam Daly, Cornell U.

Chapter Competition 
1st Place: Rutgers U.; 2nd Place: North Carolina State U., 3rd Place: U. of Minnesota


Undergraduate Paper Competition
1st Place: Shawn Davis, Cornell U; 2nd Place: Craig Shewin, North Carolina State U.; 3rd Place: Debra Smart, Purdue U.

Graduate paper Competition
1st Place: Katherine C. Tablyn, Auburn U.; 2nd Place: Dafne Diez de Medina, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State U.; 3rd Place: Mary Pick, U. of Alberta

Biotechnology Division:
1st Place, Oral: Jennylynd A. James, McGill U.; 1st Place, Poster: Karen Winkowski, Rutgers U.

Carbohydrate Division: 
1st Place: Naina K. Shah, Rutgers U.;

Dairy Technology Division:
1st Place: Ron A Heddleson, North Carolina State U. 

Food Engineering Division:
Winners: K.K. Shah, Rutgers U.; Satyanarayan Bhamidipati, Purdue U.

Food Microbiology Division:
John C Ayers Poster Competition 1st Place: D.N. Domma, Louisiana State U.; 2nd Place: J.J. Quinlan, North Carolina State U. 3rd Place: Teri Curran Mascuch, U. of Rhode Island.  Z. John Ordal Oral Paper Competition 1st Place: W. J. Dorsa, Louisiana State U.; 2nd Place: Nahed M. Ahmed, Auburn U.; 3rd Place: Mbuyi M-C. Bunduki, U. of Vermont

Muscle Foods:
1st Place: Robert J. Delmore, Jr., Colorado State U.

Nutrition Division: 
1st Place: Hee-Seon Kim, Cornell U.

Seafood Technology Division:
Winners: Lily C Hong, U. of Alberta; Dafne Diez de Medina, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State U.;  Jirawat Yongsawatigul, Oregon State U

Sensory Evaluation Division Pangborn Competition
1st Place: Marie Anne Drake, Washington State U. 

Chapter Competition
1st Place: U. of Minnesota; 2nd Place: North Carolina Stae U.; 3rd Place Rutgers U. 


Graduate Paper Competition
1st Place: Lynn R. Graves, U. of Nebraska; 2nd Place: Rohan A. Thakur, Kansas State U.; 3rd Place: Maria E.C. Bruno, Rutgers U.

Undergraduate Paper Competition
1st Place:  Douglas Christensen, U. of Nebraska; 2nd Place Diego Darquea, North Carolina State U.  3rd Place: Alison Adams, U. of Minnesota. 

Biotechnology Division
1st Place: Moh’ammad Habibinajafi

Carbohydrate Division
Winners: Mark Jabcobson, Purdue U.; Guy Levi, Rutgers U.; Rob McCurdy, U. of Guelph

Dairy Technology Division
1st Place: Carolyn F. Roff, North Carolina State U.

Sensory Evaluation Division
Rose Marie Panborn Competition 1st Place: Elizabeth Skibba, U. of Missouri-Columbia

Nutrition Division
1st Place: Denise Benway, Purdue U.

Microbiology Division
John C. Ayers Poster Competition 1st Place: Mbuyi Bunduki, U. of Vermont; 2nd Place: Rachel Chin Lee, U. of Wisconsin, 3rd Place: Joseph Shebuski, Pennsylvania State U.  Z. John Ordal Oral Paper Competition 1st Place: Ruth Yong, Purdue U.; 2nd Place: Eric Lane, U. of Georgia-Griffin; 3rd Place Theodora Morille, Long Island U. 

Muscle Foods Division
1st Place: Julian K.H. Chan, Technical U. of Nova Scotia

Chapter Competition
1st Place: Mississippi State U.; 2nd Place: U. of Minnesota; 3rd Place: Cornell U.


Undergraduate Paper Competition
1st Place: Rebecca Geisert Guzy, U. of Missouri; 2nd Place: Michelle Roesler, U. of Minnesota; 3rd Place:  Harold Park, U. of British Columbia

Graduate Paper Competition
1st Place: Ying-Ru Chen, Clemson U.; 2nd Place: Delores M. Heisserer, Kansas State U; 3rd Place: Hortense W. Dodo, Pennsylvania State U.

1st Place:  Hortense W. Dodo, Pennsylvania State U.

Winners: Alma R. Islas-Rubio, Texas A&M; Tim Taylor, U. of California-Davis; Thomsas Trezza, Clemson U.

Dairy Technology Paper Competition
1st Place: Patrick N. Kocher, North Carolina State U.

Ayres Microbiology Poster Competition
1st Place: Chii-cherng Liao, Ohio State U.; 2nd Place: Eni Harmayani, Colorado State U.; 3rd Place: Allison D. Crandall, Rutgers U. 

Ordal Microbiology Paper Competition
1st Place: M.E.C. Bruno, Rutgers U,; 2nd Place: Vijay Juneja, U. of Tennessee; 3rd Place: M. Rocelle S. Clavero, U. of Georgia.

Muscle Foods Paper Competition 
1st Place: Dena K. Miller, Cornell U.;

Quality Assurance Paper Competition
1st Place: P.L. Wiese-Lehigh, Louisiana State U.

Pangborn Sensory Evaluation Paper Competition
1st Place: Susan E. Lutz, U. of Alberta

Chapter Competition
1st Place: Cornell U.; Second Place: U. of Georgia; 3rd Place: U. of Minnesota


Undergraduate Competition
1st Place: Gwen Allison, U. of Alberta; 2nd Place: Steven Watkins, Cornell U.; 3rd Place: Debbie Dahl, Purdue U.

Graduate Competition 
1st Place: Vivek Gnanasekharan, U. of Georgia-Griffin; 2nd Place: Scott J. Eilert, U. of Nebraska; 3rd Place: Stephane R. Dessart , Purdue U.

Ordal Competition
1st Place: Tim M. Fairchild, North Carolina State U.; 2nd Place: Cindy L.C. Reding; U. of Georgia-Athens; 3rd Place: Joell Ann Reimert, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State U.

Ayers Microbiology Competition
1st Place: A.M. Rogers, Rutgers U.  2nd Place:  Vijay K. Juneja, U. of Tennessee; 3rd Place: M.R.S Clavero, U. of Georgia-Griffin

Pangborn Sensory Evaluation Competition
1st Place (tie): Michelle R. Claassen, Cornell U.; 1st Place (tie): Therese M. Malundo, U. of Georgia-Griffin

Dairy Technology Competition
1st Place: Janice M. Johnson, U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Biotechnology Competition
1st Place: Chrsitine M. Gutkowski, U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Chapter Competition
1st Place: North Carolina State U.; 2nd Place: U. of Wisconsin-Madison; 3rd Place:  U. of Minnesota


Undergraduate Competition
1st Place: Robin Hewitt, U. of Tennessee; 2nd Place: Dena Miller, U. of Illinois; 3rd Place: Michele Hoke, Mississippi State U.

Graduate Competition
1st Place: Jim W. Stalder, Texas A&M; 2nd Place: Patricia R. Kuhn, North Carolina State U.; 3rd Place: David A. Golden

Biotechnology Division Graduate Competition
1st Place:   Todd W. Gusek, Cornell U.

Sensory Evaluation Division Graduate Competition
1st Place: Shona Holt, U. of Georgia

Carbohydrate Division Graduate Competition
1st Place: Phyllis Shand, Colorado State U.

Ordal Competition 
1st Place:  Richard Linton, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U.; 2nd Place:  David Golden, U. of Georgia; 3rd Place:  Kurt Roinstad, Rutgers U.

Ayers Competition
1st Place: Chan Lee, U. of Georgia; 2nd Place: Nilma Gasper-Rolle, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State U.; 3rd Placed: Ratih Dewanti, U. of Wisconsin

Chapter Competition
1st Place: Mississippi State U.; 2nd Place: U. of Minnesota; 3rd Place: North Carolina State U.

German Association of Food Technologists Scholarship: 
Lisa Pannell, U. of Wisconsin-Madison

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