2017–2018 Dates & Deadlines

September 30: Feeding Tomorrow INTERN+ program applications

November 1: 3rd Annual IFTSA Global Summit

December 18: IFT18 abstracts (poster presentations)

January 15: Developing Solutions for Developing Countries Competition proposals due

January 31: College Bowl rosters and questions due

February 1: IFTSA Board of Directors nominations due

February 1: 28th Annual IFTSA & MARS Product Development Competition proposals
Sponsored by MARS Chocolate North America

February 15: Smart Snacks for Kids Product Development Competition proposals due

February 20: Feeding Tomorrow academic scholarship applications due

March 1: Undergraduate Research Competition proposals due

March 1: Excellence in Leadership Award applications due

March 5: Feeding Tomorrow Summer Scholars applications due

March 30: Feeding Tomorrow IFT18 travel scholarship applications

April 1: IFTSA Thesis Video Competition applications
Sponsored by Campden BRI

April 13: IFT18 student volunteer applications due

April 23: JFSE Food Science in Action video applications

May 1: Chapter of the Year Competition applications

"IFT has allowed me to make friends across the world, funded my education through scholarships, and helped me step into the world of food science."

Aaron Uesugi
Cornell University
Aaron Uesugi

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