University of Wisconsin-Stout Department of Food and Nutrition

Program Director: Dr. Eun Joo Lee

Contact: Dr. Eun Joo Lee
Department of Food and Nutrition
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Menomonie WI 54751
Phone: 715-232-1623


Degrees Offered: M.S. degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences


Program Description

Program of Study: An M.S. degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences is offered with a concentration in Food Science and Technology or Human Nutritional Sciences.  Students are invited to participate in research by designing and completing a research project or thesis. Students may elect to work in ongoing research or in some cases may suggest a new research area of specific interest to them.

Graduate Requirements: M.S. requires 34 credits including a thesis or non-thesis option of six credits. Our program relies on the food science and nutrition expertise of this diverse faculty to create a course of studies capable of fitting many needs.

Statement of Costs: Tuition for graduate level courses per semester is ~$430 per credit hour plus ~ $500 fees per semester for residents; and ~ $850 per credit hour for nonresidents. For international students, scholarships are available to go toward out of state tuition (nonresident) costs, but are not available for those with graduate assistantships.

Availability of Financial Aid: Assistantships are competitively available to qualified students as funds are available. Students often take advantage of internship/co-ops working with regional industry.

Unique Capabilities: The majority of the Food and Nutritional Sciences Graduate program is housed in Heritage Hall. Because of the mission of the University, graduate students often have the opportunity to assist with projects in cooperation with industry which provides another dimension to the educational program.

Faculty and Research Interests

Naveen Chikthimmah, Food microbiology, Food Product Development
Karunanthy Chinnadurai, Food Properties Engineering and Product Development and Optimization
Christina Dinauer, Food Safety
Eun Joo Lee, Food Chemistry, Protein Chemistry
Karen Ostenso, Bone Metabolism, Community/Public Health Nutrition
Kerry Peterson, Human Nutrition and Metabolism, Lipid Metabolism
Cynthia Rohrer, Oil/Oilseed Chemistry, Food Sensory Evaluation
Carol Seaborn, Human Nutrition and Vitamin/Mineral Metabolism
Amanda Schmidt, Clinical Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition