Midnight Snack: January 2011 Official Newsletter of the IFT Student Association

Midnight Snack: Belly up for your fix of IFTSA grub
Head Chef: A Letter from our President
Wake-up everybody, its nibblin' time!

Welcome to the second edition of the IFT Student Association Midnight Snack.  First off, good luck to all of the teams in successfully compiling entries for our many competitions whose deadlines are quickly approaching.  We are now into the thick of things in our IFTSA winter season, and there is much to talk about.  A great way to get the conversation rolling is through our group discussion boards and blogs on the IFT website.  Did you know that any member of IFT can start their own blog?  If you're feeling the tinge to share your ideas and get some foodie brain juices flowing, get on ift.org and show us all what you've got!

The student Board of Directors gathered together earlier this month to come up with ideas for IFTSA's not-so-far-off future at our mid-year meeting graciously hosted by McCormick and Co. in Hunt Valley, MD.  We talked about various topics, from ways of bringing your Developing Solutions for Developing Countries innovative ideas to life, to the future of international student membership.  We came out of the meeting with several topics that need to have task forces formed in order to conduct further research and make recommendations on moving forward.  If you want to become more involved and would like a quick and effective way to contribute, volunteer to work on one of the task forces by emailing Anna Ylijoki at: aylijoki@ift.org.

This brings me to my last but far from least topic of interest, Anna!  Anna Ylijoki is our new fearless IFT staff liaison and will be filling Kristen Flesch's big shoes from here on out.  All correspondence previously sent to Kristen Flesch should now be directed to Anna. She has a ton of past experience working with student professional groups and we are super excited to have her on our crew. 

I hope this Midnight Snack issue gives you a good taste of IFTSA but still leaves you hungry for more...

Bon Appetite!
Andrea Bouma

Andrea Bouma

P.S. IFTSA elections are here,

Expiration Dates: Announcements & Deadlines

VOTE NOW!  IFTSA elections will be opened on February 8 and will be held until March 9, 2011.   You should have received an e-mail from IFT with all of the necessary information to vote.  Make sure to log in to select who you want to represent you as IFTSA President and your Area Representative.

Click here for more information.

It's that time again!  IFTSA is collecting nominations for the 2011 Excellence in Leadership Award. The Excellence in Leadership Award recognizes those students that have demonstrated exemplary service and leadership within their student chapter, community and IFT. Each school may nominate two students, one undergraduate and one graduate, and there will be a first place award of $1,000 given to the top student in each of those categories.

Nominations are due by April 1, 2011 and the winners will be notified by May 1st, 2011. You may access the award information and nomination form on our Facebook page at
http://www.facebook.com/IFTSA and in the "Resources" section of the IFTSA group on www.ift.org! Direct any questions regarding the Excellence in Leadership Award to Reena Mistry at rmistry10129@gmail.com or Anna Ylijoki, IFT Component Relations Manager, at ayilijoki@ift.org. Best of luck!

February 15, 2011
Mars Product Development Competition Preliminary Proposal
March 1, 2011
Disney-IFTSA Product Development Competition Preliminary Proposal
March 1, 2011
Undergraduate research paper intent to enter
March 15, 2011
Undergraduate Research Competition Abstracts           
May 1, 2011
Chapter of the Year Proposal

IFTSA is forming a task force to explore the possibility of starting a blog on the new IFT community. We could use some help and advice from our IFTSA members who are already involved in blogging. If you have a strong interest in blogging or already have some experience with blogging and you want to increase your involvement with IFTSA, please contact Mary McCulloch at


IFTSA Mid-year-meeting
The IFT Student Association Board of Directors recently returned from the mid-year-meeting and we all had such an awesome time. This year, the mid-year-meeting was held in Hunt Valley, MD at the McCormick headquarters (workplace of IFT Immediate Past-President Marianne Gillette). We held our board meeting in the McCormick "Create-it Center" where many of their innovative products and ideas are dreamed up. The resources available in the "Create-it Center" made it easy for the Board of Directors to brainstorm and discuss new ideas for IFTSA including the possibility of an IFTSA blog in the new IFT community, ideas for upcoming webcasts, how to increase membership, and more. Marianne Gillette led us in a tour of the McCormick facilities and we had speed mentoring sessions with McCormick employees in the fields of our choice. The IFT Student Association Board of Directors concluded their meeting with a dinner at Marianne Gillette's home.   

What has your food science club been up to this year? IFTSA wants to know! Whether you are a club officer at your school's chapter or an active member – please send in photos of events that your club has held over the past year. We are looking for photos of our members in action to post on the IFTSA website and share in a slide show at this year's IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo.

Please send your photos to Mary McCulloch at

Local Flare: Chapter & Club News

Central Atlantic Area
The Central Atlantic Area meeting will be held at the University of Delaware on April 1 & 2. Attendees can look forward to a tour and samples from the creamery, a networking reception, speakers and much more! For more information, please contact Molly Brannock at

Midwest Area

The Midwest area meeting will be held April 1-3, in West Lafayette, IN at Purdue University. OSU, Michigan State, Illinois, Kentucky, Purdue, and Tennessee will be competing in the College Bowl competition. The weekend will kick off with a mixer on Friday evening that will feature a product development competition and a tour of the local Moonlight Brewery. On Saturday, there will be a tour of the Purdue food science facilities and a networking luncheon with a presentation from a few distinguished professors.  After lunch, the College Bowl Competition will be held and all attendees can look forward to a hog roast dinner. On Sunday there will be a send-off breakfast. For more information on the Midwest area meeting, please contact Jessica Rombach at

Mountain West Area
The Mountain West area meeting is scheduled to take place at Cal Poly Pomona-Wine Symposium at the Collin's College on April 8 & 9. Attendees should look forward to hearing what other clubs in their area have been up to over the past year and a number of other surprise events! For more information on the Mountain West area meeting, please contact Siyuan "Simon" Zhousiyuan at

North Atlantic Area
The North Atlantic area meeting is scheduled to take place at Rutgers University on April 8 & 9. Five universities will be attending the area meeting: Rutgers, Cornell, UMass, PSU and UMaine. Attendees should look forward to a dinner on Friday night, a fun-filled college bowl competition, and raffle prizes! For more information on the North Atlantic area meeting, please contact Andy Tuy at

North Central Area
Minnesota is hosting the North Central area meeting on April 1 & 2.  So far, four college bowl participants have been confirmed: Minnesota, Madison, Iowa State, and Nebraska. Attendees of the North Central area meeting can look forward to a guest lecture by the Enologist from University of Minnesota. There will also be a short product development game and a networking event with industry professionals. For more information on the North Central area meeting please contact Ian Ronningen at

Pacific West Area
The Pacific West area meeting is going to be held on April 1 & 2 at the Oregon State University Campus in Corvallis, OR. A total of five schools have confirmed attendance including OSU, Davis, Fresno, UBC, and WSU/UID. For more information on the Pacific West area meeting, please contact Arthi Padmanabhan at

South Central Area

The South Central area meeting and College Bowl Competition will be held at Frito Lay Corp in Plano, TX on April 14 & 15. On the 14th, a welcome dinner will be held for area meeting attendees in conjunction with the local Dallas area IFT section, Longhorn IFT, where students can meet local industry professionals. After the college bowl competition on the 15th, attendees can look forward to a luncheon. For more information on the South Central area meeting, please contact Paula Simons at

Southeast Area

The Southeast area meeting will be held at Clemson University in Clemson, SC on April 2 & 3. Five teams will be competing in the College Bowl Competition. For information on the Southeast area meeting, please contact Lisa Disney at

Blueplate Specials: Opportunities for IFTSA Members

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• Volunteer leadership opportunities
• Continuing education programs
• Employment services
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• Attending the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo
• New Professionals online community

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Feeding Tomorrow Scholarships… Don't miss out!
Feeding Tomorrow, the Foundation of the Institute of Food Technologists, provides undergraduate and graduate scholarships to students with exceptional scholastic excellence and leadership achievements. Scholarships for the 2011-2012 academic year are available now at
Please note the deadline for all Feeding Tomorrowundergraduate scholarship applications has been extended to March 15, 2011.

Feeding Tomorrow graduate applications are due February 15.

Flavors Workshop
The Flavor and Extract Manufacturing Association is hosting a workshop in March titled "Introduction to Flavor Creation for the Non-Flavorist." For more info, please visit