Midnight Snack: July 2012 Official Newsletter of the IFT Student Association


Head Chef: A Letter from our President

Jennifer WilligHi Foodies!

I hope you all are having a fantastic summer so far.  We had a very exciting time in Las Vegas for the 2012 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, where students from around the world joined in the food science conversation.  The leadership of IFTSA met while in Las Vegas and discussed our 2012-2013 Annual Plan.

Our initiatives for the upcoming year include improving our humanitarian outreach both domestically and internationally, offering important professional development tools to our members, such as, the webinar series and short courses at professional meetings, and promoting the food science profession and IFT through our “Official Food Geek” campaign, our recruitment and retention video, and our newly launched blog, Science Meets Food!  Lastly, I would like to congratulate all of our 2012 student competition winners (listed below).

It has been my pleasure serving as your IFTSA president this past year.  I can truly say that I have grown as an individual and value all of the experiences that I have had while serving you.  I am pleased with the momentum and direction in which the Student Association is headed and I look forward to seeing this organization grow and reach many more people in the future.

Jennifer Willig
IFTSA President 2011-2012

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Expiration Dates: Announcements & Deadlines


Chapter of the Year Competition

Chapter of the Year: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Most Improved Chapter of the Year: University of California, Davis

College Bowl Competition

Winner: Brigham Young University
Runner-Up: University of Minnesota

IFTSA Developing Solutions for Developing Countries Competition

Washington State University & University of Idaho with “Maandazi”
Universiti Putra Malaysia (Malaysia) with “Vit-A-Go”

Disney/IFTSA Product Development Competition

Grand Prize: University of Wisconsin, Madison with "Peanut Butter Jamsicles"
First Place: University of Wisconsin, Madison with "Pit-Stop"

Heart Healthy (competed at Wellness 2012)

First Place: Cornell University with “Hummus+”

IFTSA & Mars Product Development Competition

First Place: Cornell University with “Dough TEMPtations”

Undergraduate Research Competition

First Place: Margaret Debrauske, University of Wisconsin

Excellence in Leadership Award

Undergraduate: Emily Wolter, Texas Tech University
Graduate: Aliyar Fouladkhah, Colorado State University

Winners of the 2012 IFTSA/Feeding Tomorrow Fun Run

If you didn’t wake up at 6 am for the 2012 IFTSA/Feeding Tomorrow Fun Run, you certainly missed out on a lot of FUN! Thank you to everyone who ran, walked, or contributed financially.

Congratulations to our first place winners:
First Place, Men’s: David Peters
First Place, Women’s: Tania Da Costa

To view the overall results, click here, or for winners by groupings, click here.

Science Meets Food – Check it out!

S=Science M= Meets F=FoodThe official IFTSA blog is up and running! Some of your esteemed IFTSA colleagues are writing witty, helpful, intriguing articles, and the blog is updated at least twice a week. Head on over to www.sciencemeetsfood.org, comment on the posts that interest you, and spread the word!

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Local Flare: Chapter & Club News
As the last 2011- 2012 Midnight Snack, we have decided to put together a little collage with the some of the pictures you have sent in over the past year. It has been a fun and productive year!

End of Year collage

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Blueplate Specials: Opportunities for IFTSA Members

FREE Year of IFT Membership

If you just landed a new job, congratulations! In the midst of all of the changes that are about to ensue, don't forget to apply for your FREE year of membership as an IFT member. As you transition from student to professional, IFT wants to do its part to make your life a little easier and give you your first year as an IFT member FREE. Don't miss it!

Feature IFT Member: Aaron Uesugi

Aaron UesugiSnapshot of your life now
Currently, I live in New Jersey and work for Kraft Foods in the Food Safety and Microbiology group. My job involves providing micro support to the Planters and Planters Peanut Butter businesses.  A typical day may include working with: 1) R&D to identify possible food safety issues for new projects and ingredients; 2) manufacturing plants to validate the microbial reduction of processing equipment and review the food safety programs in place; 3) benchtop research to address food safety needs.

My hobbies include sports like softball, biking, cooking, being a foodie, and exploring NYC.

Where did you attend college?
I completed my B.S. in Food Science (food chemistry emphasis) and a minor in Environmental Toxicology at UC Davis.  I enjoyed UC Davis so much that I stayed for a M.S. in Food Science, focusing on the growth and survival of Salmonella in almond kernels, shells, and hulls.  Following my M.S., I left the sunshine and mild winters of California to pursue a Ph.D. in Food Science (minors in Food Microbiology and Applied Economics and Management) at Cornell University.  My research focused on the use of pulsed light to decontaminate food and food contact surfaces.

How did you get interested in food science?
I had always enjoyed math and science and began my undergraduate studies in environmental engineering.  My initial engineering courses did not engage my interests, but I wanted to stay in the science field.   I learned about food chemistry while reviewing the course catalog and speaking with Carol Cooper, the department's wonderful undergraduate advisor.  (This was before the Food Network, Good Eats, and Unwrapped brought the food industry and food science into our homes.)  After an introductory course in food science, I was hooked.

How did IFT/IFTSA help you in your transition from student to professional?
As a member of IFT/IFTSA, I was able to volunteer and develop leadership skills through my school's food science club and as the North Atlantic Area Representative.  Product development teams provided a great opportunity to apply my coursework to a hands-on project.  College Bowl enhanced my knowledge to the many broad topics of food science and strengthened my team building skills and ability to work under pressure.  I was also fortunate to receive several scholarships through Feeding Tomorrow/IFT to support myself through many years of education. 

Can you share any tips of success for students who might be entering the workforce for the first time?
It has been said before and will be said in the future: network, network, network. Build that network now.  The food industry is a small and closely linked community.  People in your food science classes today will be your co-workers in the future, so stay in touch and don't burn any bridges.  A contact within a company is more valuable and a better advocate for you than your resume alone.  Your network can provide information about job openings before they are publicly posted.  Continue to network after you find your first job within and outside your company, these new contacts can help guide you to solutions to problems or provide insight toward the next step in your career.

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