Fellows Task Force

1.   Objective (What is the role of the Fellows Task Force?)

  • To review our jury process for nominating and electing IFT Fellows to ensure a clear and consistent process
  • To ensure that all nominees from academia, industry, and government are provided an equitable opportunity

2.   Expected Outcomes from the Fellows Task Force Process (What we expect to be achieved within the Task Force term)

  • A clear and consistent process for evaluating Fellows nominees
  • Equitable metrics to be used for nominees from industry and government
3.   Tie to Strategic Plan
  • Steward of the Profession
  • Global Citizen & Partner

4.    Rationale & Benefit of Updating the Fellows Review Process

The IFT Fellow designation is an honor bestowed upon an IFT member by their peers, recognizing exemplary professionalism in the field of food science.  IFT has reviewed the fellows process in the past, resulting in incremental improvement of our selection process.  During the 2013 selection process it became clear that additional improvement is needed.  Juror inquiries to staff and the Fellows Chair surfaced the fact that our jurors were each interpreting the criteria very differently.

Given the prestige of the IFT Fellow designation, it is critical that IFT develop and implement a clear, transparent process for evaluating all nominees

5.   Implications/Challenges for Review Amendments (What should we be aware of as we approach this task?)

During FY12-13 we reviewed our processes and the 2008 Fellows Task Force Review work.  There are some recommendations  from the 2008 report that require additional member follow up related to the criteria for industry nominees.

Additionally, the Task Force will need to review our process for evaluating fellow nominees.  Currently, we have a blind juror process.  It became apparent that without a forum for discussion, that the jurors were each differently interpreting the criteria.  The instructions were to evaluate each nominee on his or her own merit.  We had some jurors fielding the candidates in to quadrants or some other form of group ranking.

Confidentiality is critical to the process; however, there seems to be a need for some discussion among the jurors as part of the selection process.  This work group is encouraged to investigate and identify a means for discussion and confidentiality for the nominees and the process with an eye towards prohibiting electioneering.

6.   Expertise/Experience Needed (Who are the best people to contribute to this effort?)

A diverse group of IFT members and IFT Fellows representing both academia and industry

7.   Term of Service

September 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013

8.   Task Force Members

Mary Wagner, Co-Chair
Christine Bruhn, Co-Chair
Larry Keener
Carolynn Fisher
Kathryn Boor
Sharon Kneebone, staff