Kemin’s lutein receives okay for use in Canadian food, beverages

December 21, 2012

Kemin has received a letter of non-objection from Health Canada authorizing the use of FloraGLO lutein as a novel ingredient for addition to conventional food and beverages. This notification now presents food and beverage companies marketing products in Canada with a range of options to deliver the eye and skin benefits of lutein to their customers.

FloraGLO lutein has been available for use as a natural health product ingredient in Canada for more than seven years. In March 2010, Kemin submitted the Novel Foods Application requesting the authorization for the use of FloraGLO as a food ingredient in a range of food and beverages. In November 2012, Kemin received the non-objection letter from Health Canada to its application. The approval is limited to FloraGLO brand lutein manufactured following Kemin’s patented process and meeting its chemical and quality specifications. The approval extends to all the FloraGLO finished product forms offered by Kemin and DSM Nutritional Products, including liquid formulations and dry beadlets.

In Canada, FloraGLO lutein may now be added to the following food categories at specified inclusion levels: baked goods and baking mixes; beverages and beverage bases; breakfast cereals; chewing gum; dairy product analogs; egg products; fats and oils; frozen dairy desserts and mixes; gelatins, puddings, and fillings; gravies and sauces; hard candy; milk products; nuts and nut products; processed fruits and fruit juices; soft candy; soups and soup mixes; and foods for special dietary use.