U.S. government seeks permanent injunction against Sunland

December 21, 2012

According to Food Safety News, the U.S. government has asked a federal court to issue a permanent injunction against Sunland Inc., the New Mexico-based company whose peanut butter was the source of a multistate Salmonella outbreak in the fall of 2012. If the government is successful, Sunland will not be able to receive, process, package, or distribute product until it has developed a plan for operation that complies with federal health standards.

The company has been prohibited from selling goods since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suspended its food facility registration on Nov. 26, 2012. The agency made this move after discovering multiple sanitation violations at the plant during an investigation following the Salmonella Bredeney outbreak linked to Sunland products that sickened 41 people in 20 states.

While its license is suspended, the company can’t sell or import product within the United States. This measure, however, is only temporary, and does not prevent Sunland from continuing to manufacture foods. If the government wins its case against Sunland—filed in New Mexico District Court on Dec. 20—the manufacturer will be prohibited from any form of operation until the FDA determines that it is in full compliance with federal safety standards and no longer has the potential to release harmful product onto the market.

Food Safety News article