DuPont Pioneer, Cargill form soybean contract program

November 19, 2012

DuPont Pioneer and Cargill will work with farmers near Cargill’s facility in Sidney, Ohio, to grow Plenish high oleic soybeans in 2013. For the 2013 growing season, Cargill will contract with soybean farmers in the Sidney, Ohio, area to grow Plenish high oleic soybeans that will be delivered to Cargill’s soybean facility for processing. Growers will be eligible for a processor-paid incentive for producing and delivering high oleic soybeans.

“Ohio soybean growers have always been leaders in adopting new technology to add value to their soybean production. This 2013 Plenish high oleic soybean contracting program with Cargill will provide them an opportunity to improve their own bottom line through extra income per bushel and to strengthen market demand for the soybean industry,” said Randy Minton, DuPont Pioneer Business Director.

High oleic soybean oil provides a soy-based trans fat alternative for food companies and foodservice operators. Plenish high oleic soybeans from Pioneer contain an oleic content of more than 75%, resulting in longer shelf life in packaged foods and greater fry life for foodservice operators. In addition, Plenish high oleic soybean oil has 0 g trans fat per serving and 20% less saturated fat than commodity soybean oil.

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