Indian Harvest acquires Olympia Granola

April 8, 2013

Harvest Granola LLC, a fully-owned subsidiary of Indian Harvest Specialtifoods, has announced the purchase of Olympia Granola of North Branch, Minn. The investment is a logical progression for the Indian Harvest brand, as it continues to develop its line of specialty rices and whole grains to include puffed products. Puffed rice and grains are primary ingredients in snack and trail bars of the type manufactured and sold by Olympia Granola.

“We’ve had our eye on puffed rices, grains, and their application for a while,” said Trevor Duininck of the Duininck Companies, owner of Harvest Granola. “It’s a natural move toward expanding the product line not only for foodservice, but also for industrial applications, as ingredients in breads, soups, and ofcourse, snack bars.”

Duininck Companies was pleased to find a local Minnesota company with similar values and a well-aligned product offering. Olympia Granola is a family business that has been producing Olympia Granola Trail Bars and Coffee House Bars for seven years. The company prides itself on using natural ingredients and delivering a three-inch square bar favored by outdoor enthusiasts and the active lifestyle market. In addition to Olympia brand bars, they also provide the industry with co-manufacturing and private label energy, nutrition, and granola bars.

The integrated supplychain of raw ingredients offered by Indian Harvest has the potential to expand product offerings and increase capacity. Presently, Olympia Granola will continue manufacturing from its North Branch, Minn., location with no interruption in services or change in staff.

Indian Harvest