Sabinsa breaks ground on new extraction facility

December 27, 2013

Sabinsa Corp. has begun construction on a new continuous extraction facility that will increase production capacity by 200%. Sabinsa’s Founder, Muhammed Majeed, oversaw the groundbreaking ceremony for the new manufacturing plant next door to the company’s existing continuous extraction facility.

“While we are primarily known for investing heavily in science and IP, we clearly also invest in ensuring a sustainable supply of our proprietary ingredients to the marketplace,” said Majeed. “Our farm cultivation program was the first part of the sustainability endeavor, and this expansion is part two.”

The groundbreaking ceremony for the $5 million 75,000-sq-ft expansion project at Dobaspet, India, took place Dec 12, 2013. The manufacturing plant will feature a 25 metric ton per day capacity continuous extractor, a 15,000-sq-ft downstream facility, a microbiology lab, and a 45,000-sq-ft warehouse. The facility is expected to be complete in mid-2014.