Annie’s recalls frozen pizza products

January 25, 2013

Annie’s Inc. has initiated a voluntary recall of Annie’s Homegrown Frozen Pizza due to the possible presence of fragments of flexible metal mesh caused by a faulty screen at a third-party flour mill. Affected products are distributed at grocery, mass, and natural food stores throughout the United States. All varieties of Annie’s Rising Crust Frozen Pizza with a best by date including and between Jan. 9, 2013, and Sept. 14, 2013 are affected. Recalled varieties are:

  • Organic Four Cheese Pizza, 23.5 oz, UPC 013562 200016
  • Organic Pepperoni Pizza, 23.6 oz, UPC 013562 200009
  • Organic Supreme Pizza, 25.4 oz, UPC 013562 200023
  • Organic Spinach and Mushroom Pizza, 25.0 oz, UPC 013562 200054
  • Four Cheese Pizza, 22.5 oz, UPC 013562 200078
  • Pepperoni Pizza, 22.6 oz, UPC 013562 200061
  • BBQ Recipe Chicken Pizza, 23.1 oz, UPC 013562 200092

The company announced the recall after learning a fine metal mesh screen failed at a third-party flour mill and fragments of flexible metal mesh were found in the flour and pizza dough. All Annie’s manufacturers have comprehensive metal control programs that include magnets and metal detection devices. Pieces of the fine wire were too small to be detected and could have found their way into the finished product. While no metal has been found in Annie’s finished product, as a precaution, the company initiated this voluntary recall. There have been no consumer complaints, illnesses, or injuries reported to date.

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