Top 10 food articles of 2012

January 30, 2013

Looking back on 2012, there were a number of big food stories in the news. As always, the editors at Food Technology magazine do our best to deliver these trends to you in a timely and informative fashion. Here’s a look at what you—the reader—deemed the top 10 most popular food articles from Food Technology magazine for 2012.

  1. The Chronic Disease Food Remedy by Toni Tarver, October 2012
  2. Top 10 Functional Food Trends by A. Elizabeth Sloan, April 2012
  3. Economy Keeps Salaries Flat: IFT Employment & Salary Survey by Mary Ellen Kuhn, February 2012
  4. Is The Pathway To Health Organic? by Toni Tarver, March 2012
  5. The Unexpected Evolution of Dessert by Karen Nachay, November 2012
  6. Sugar Reduction with Polyols by Lyn Nabors and Theresa Hedrick, September 2012
  7. Shattering The ‘Healthy’ Food Myth by Dave Lundahl and Greg Stucky, March 2012
  8. Communicating Nutrition at the Point of Purchase by Annette Maggi, November 2012
  9. Clostridium Difficile: An Emerging Food Safety Risk by Alex Rodriguez-Palacios, Jeffrey T. Lejeune, and Dallas G. Hoover, September 2012
  10. Foodservice 2012: Consumers Crave More by Brinda Govindarajan, June 2012