Pepperidge Farm to consolidate bakery operations

July 2, 2013

Pepperidge Farm has announced plans to close its bakery in Aiken, S.C., as part of a program to improve the utilization of its manufacturing network.

“We recently reviewed our operations and identified excess capacity in our bakery network. As a result, we evaluated a number of different options to address this. We made the difficult decision to close our plant in Aiken. It is a very good bakery with great people, but it has limited production capabilities, and we’ve recently discontinued a product that accounted for a significant amount of its volume,” said Bill Livingstone, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Operations.

Opened in 1976, Aiken employs 115 people. Pepperidge Farm intends to close the facility in phases, starting in September 2013 and with plans to cease operation by March 2014. The company plans to shift the majority of the bread made in Aiken to its bakery in Lakeland, Fla.

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