Krill powder may lower cholesterol in obese men

June 14, 2013

A study published in Lipids in Health and Disease shows that krill oil powder may lower high triglycerides in obese men. The study, performed at Momentum Pharma Services GmbH, a contract research organization in Germany, and two academic research sites in Italy, investigated the effects of Superba krill powder supplementation on 11 obese men.

The men underwent 24 weeks of treatment with Superba krill powder, after which researchers assessed blood lipids and endocannabinoids as well as a variety of other parameters. The researchers found that Superba krill powder reduced triglyceride levels by 21%. It also positively impacted three different endocannabinoids—a class of lipid signaling molecules that is dysregulated in obese subjects. One of the endocannabinoids—anandamide—which is elevated in obese subjects, decreased 84% by the end of treatment. Researchers also noted a significant decrease in the waist/hip ratio and visceral fat/skeletal muscle mass.

“These results confirm previous findings with krill oil, demonstrating a reduction of an overactive endocannabinoid system in obese subjects. Krill oil and krill powder could potentially both be useful in ameliorating metabolic syndrome,” said Vincenzo Di Marzo, coauthor at the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry.