North American food companies develop standards for case code labeling

March 5, 2013

GS1 US and GS1 Canada have announced the publication of the North American Industry Guidance for Standard Case Code Labeling for Extended Product Attributes, a guidance document supporting industry-wide adoption of a single standard for case labeling information for finished products. The voluntary implementation of this guidance for products in the food industry enables trading partners to share critical dynamic product information about their food products, such as Batch and Lot Numbers, “Best by,” “Use by” dates, and other types of product information.

The North American Industry Guidance for Standard Case Code Labeling for Extended Product Attributes outlines basic definitions needed to understand and implement standardized product case labeling, along with specific guidelines for the use of human readable information as well as the GS1-128 barcode used to capture multiple product attributes in one scan. Additionally, the document explains how the use of the GS1-128 barcode can streamline business processes and improve product traceability and food safety in the supply chain. Industry stakeholders will also find guidance for category-specific requirements and technical considerations for the application of case labels, including printing specifications and symbol placement on cases.

“This document has far-reaching benefits for food manufacturers, retailers, and distributors from Canada and the United States,” said Mike Sadiwnyk, Senior Vice President, Global Relations & Chief Standards Officer, GS1 Canada. “It represents North American industries coming together to define a foundation for the deployment of the new business-to-business applications that are needed to power more efficient and visible supply chains.”

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