Biothera names new China distributor

March 25, 2013

Biothera and its Hong Kong-based master distributor Maxland Enterprises have named Shanghai Toong Yeuan Food Technology Co. Ltd. as the China distributor of Biothera’s immune health ingredients for foods, beverages, and supplements.

Shanghai Toong Yeuan Food Technology will represent Wellmune WGP, the immune health ingredient from Biothera that is clinically proven to boost the performance of key immune cells that help keep the body healthy.

“Shanghai Toong Yeuan specializes in the sale of proprietary ingredients that are backed by credible science,” said Richard Mueller, CEO of Biothera. “This focus, along with their well-established relationships with major food, beverage, and supplement companies in China, makes Shanghai Toong Yeuan an excellent representative for Wellmune in this important market.”

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