Women remain the primary household shoppers

May 13, 2013

For retailers and manufacturers, it has become increasingly complicated to pinpoint who are today’s primary shoppers. In a new study commissioned by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA), GfK Custom Research North America finds that despite radical changes in society, women still dominate the retail marketplace. Although women’s personal and professional advancements have grown significantly in recent decades, the time spent grocery shopping has not decreased.

According to the study, two-thirds of women say they still handle much of the grocery shopping and, furthermore, they still take the time to make the decisions with three-quarters of them forming shopping lists and 53% taking time to clip coupons and search for specials. And 40% of women shoppers say they spend about an hour in the supermarket.

Women are also the rulers of the kitchen, with 84% of women still acting as the sole preparer of meals in the household. Additionally, 61% of women say they prepare meals at least five times per week. And the majority of these meals are not prepackaged meals; 64% of women make most meals using fresh ingredients. Since women are those making the purchases, they have become frequent store brand purchasers, with only 3% saying they never buy store brands.

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