Wrigley stops production & sales of caffeinated gum

May 14, 2013

According to a letter from Wrigley North America President Casey Keller, the company has decided to suspend the production, sales, and marketing of its newly launched Alert Energy Caffeine Gum. As Keller explains, “we took great strides to ensure that the product was formulated, distributed, and marketed in a safe and responsible way to consumers 25 years old and over.”

However, “after discussions with the FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration], we have a greater appreciation for its concern about the proliferation of caffeine in the nation’s food supply. There is a need for changes in the regulatory framework to better guide the consumers and the industry about the appropriate level and use of caffeinated products. In an effort to support this process, and out of respect for the FDA, we have paused the production, sales, and marketing of Alert.”

Wrigley hopes that this will give the FDA time to develop a new regulatory framework for the addition of caffeine to food and drinks.