Coca-Cola to invest $30 M in Wisconsin plant

November 21, 2013

According to BizTimes, Coca-Cola Co. has announced a $30 million investment and expansion of its bottling plant in Milwaukee, Wis. The company is going to re-equip the plant to bottle its Smartwater product, a zero-calorie bottled water.

The Milwaukee plant will be the fifth Coca-Cola plant to be redesigned to produce Smartwater in North America. Coca-Cola said it is expanding its warehouse operations, a move that will allow the company to produce the Smartwater bottles in Milwaukee, as opposed to shipping them in from out of state.

The plant currently has 400 employees. The expansion will result in 16 new employees, with additional hiring expected in the future, a company spokesman said. Construction is expected to be finished by April 2014.

BizTimes article