Albion receives GRAS approval for ferric glycinate ingredient

November 27, 2013

Albion Human Nutrition has received approval of its self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status and has applied for two patents for Iron Taste-Free, a patented Ferric Glycinate ingredient.

Iron Taste Free is a highly bioavailable and safe alternative for iron supplementation in pediatric suspensions and fortification of food. It has similar bioavailability to ferrous sulfate but with better organoleptic properties. Iron Taste Free’s absorption is regulated by ferric reductase, an enzyme that converts the ferric iron form to the absorbable ferrous form. The ferric reductase activity responds to the body’s iron levels, ensuring the safety profile for Iron Taste Free. Albion received formal approval of the GRAS status from its GRAS panel in October 2013.

In addition, the company has applied for two patents for the ingredient—as a buffered absorption and ferric absorption promoter. These mechanisms increase the area in which the Iron Taste-Free remains in solution and available for absorption. As a result, a greater portion of the solution is subject to conversion to a more absorbable form.