Great Lakes Cheese to build facility in Tennessee

October 21, 2013

Great Lakes Cheese has announced it will build its first Southeast manufacturing facility in Manchester, Tenn. The 330,000-sq-ft manufacturing plant will take an investment of $100 million and will be the company’s fourth “super plant.” According to Great Lakes Cheese, a super plant is a cheese packaging plant that chunks, slices, and shreds large volumes of cheese. In addition, the plant will be the company’s ninth in the United States.

“The decision to open another super plant is a measure of our commitment to delivering quality cheese products to our customers who count on Great Lakes for logistical efficiencies,” said Craig Filkouski, Vice President of Operations for Great Lakes. “We believe that having strategically placed manufacturing facilities is essential to serving the evolving needs of our customers and to provide opportunities for future growth.”

The new facility also adds capacity for new customer acquisition in the southeastern United States. Employment at this new plant is anticipated to reach 200 people by 2019. The company expects to begin the hiring process for the new facility in the fall of 2014.

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